How To Track Your Data

Visit the Data Section of My Account

You can view how much data you've used by checking the "Account Data Usage" section of My Account. We calculate the amount of data used based on the number of kilobytes that you've either sent or received via our network. Please note that the information on this page is not in real time and may be delayed by as much as 48 hours.

Data Usage

Use the Data Usage Calculator to Estimate Your Data Use

See our Data Usage Calculator for an explanation of how much data is used by the different activities that you perform on your wireless device.

Check your text messages

U.S. Cellular® will automatically send you a text message alert when you approach your data limit.

Download an app to help track data

There are a number of free apps available to measure data usage. These include alerts as usage approaches plan limits and also can break down data use by application, giving you insights to help manage data usage. You can view your device application store to download the application of your choice.

For example, the "My Data Manager" app for Android (free version available on Amazon market and Google Play market) allows users to track Mobile data usage, Roaming data usage, and Wi-Fi usage. Users can enter the data plan limits for on network and roaming, as well as billing cycle information to ensure they stay within plan limits each month.