Connecting Your Device to Wi-Fi

Why use Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi provides a fast, seamless connection at home, in the office, and in thousands of hotspots. Using Wi-Fi is convenient and helps users save on mobile data usage. Benefits include:

  • Fast connection
  • Saves on data plan
  • Connects seamlessly - your phone will remember hotspot information
  • Use the network while on the go; use Wi-Fi at home, the office, or at public hotspots

How to use Wi-Fi

Connecting to a home or office Wi-Fi network is done by following a few simple steps on the device. Once connected successfully one time, the device will automatically connect the next time it is in range.

Note: Users may need to know the network name (SSID) and password to log into Wi-Fi networks.

  • Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on
  • Select the name of the Wi-Fi network to connect to
  • Follow any login instructions

Instructions for connecting to Wi-Fi can be found on our phones page. Click on the image of a wi-fi capable device and locate the Support tab. There will be a link labeled "Connecting to Wi-Fi" or "User Guide" that will have the instructions.