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Payment Arrangements

Are you having problems paying your bill by your due date? Learn how to schedule a payment arrangement to avoid service interruption.

What is a payment arrangement? It’s a way to delay your payment if you can’t pay your bill by your due date. A payment arrangement keeps your service active while letting us know when you’ll pay your balance.

How do I make a Payment Arrangement?
  1. Dial 888-939-3900 from your UScellular™ phone.
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. Follow the “Something Else” prompts to set up Payment Arrangements.

Payment Arrangement Details:
  • When making a payment arrangement, you commit to pay on the agreed upon date.
  • On the payment arrangement date, you will need to make a payment for the amount of the arrangement, or the past due balance if new bills have fallen delinquent.
  • If you use Auto Pay, be sure to cancel your automatic payment instructions prior to the due date.

Potential fees
  • Late fees apply if you pay your bill after the due date, even with a payment arrangement set up.
  • A reconnection fee will be charged if your service was suspended because of nonpayment.

Past Due

If I'm already past due on my bill can I make a payment arrangement?

Yes. You can set up a payment arrangement any time you have a balance on your account, either before or after the account becomes past due.

  • Before your bill due date: If you already know you can't pay all or some of your bill on time, you can avoid collections activity and service interruption by setting up a payment arrangement.
  • After your bill due date: You can still set up a payment arrangement. However, any time you go past your due date without payment, you may be subject to late fees, collections activity and/or service interruption.

Service Interruption

Does setting up a payment arrangement protect my account from having my service interrupted?

Yes. When you set up a payment arrangement, you're letting us know you’re going to be late with your payment and that you're taking care of the situation. That keeps you from having your service interrupted.
Please note: you need to make your payment on the payment agreement date to keep past due activity from starting on your account.

Resuming Service

My service was shut off because I didn't pay my bill. Will my service be restored after I make a payment arrangement?

If your service was suspended for past due payments, we will start your service again when we receive the full amount that’s past due. Keep in mind that a $25 per line reconnection fee is charged to your next bill.

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