Apple Watch

Apple Watch - Device and Support Information

1. What is the Apple Watch eligibility?

  • iPhone 6 or later running iOS 11 or later
  • Postpaid plan

2. How do I setup Cellular on my Apple Watch?

3. How much does it cost to connect my Apple Watch to the U.S. Cellular Network?

  • If you are on one of U.S. Cellular's Total Plans, there is no charge to connect your Apple Watch to the Cellular network.
  • If you are on any other U.S. Cellular plan, you will get 3 months for free trial and after that there is a $4.99 monthly charge to connect your Apple Watch to the Cellular network.

4. I don't have or I forgot my PIN to start the process, what do I do?

  • The PIN is the number you chose when you first activated your U.S. Cellular service. The PIN is typically used for account verification online, over the phone, or in a store. If you cannot remember your PIN, please visit your nearest retail location with a government-issued photo ID or call Customer Service at 1-888-944-9400.

5. I tried to pair but I received an error message. What do I do now?

  • Please call Customer Service at 1-888-944-9400 or visit you nearest U.S. Cellular retail store.

6. Does the Apple watch support roaming?

  • Apple Watch can be used while roaming within the United Stated. However, international roaming is not supported.

7. How do I send and receive messages on my Apple Watch?

  • Your iPhone and Apple Watch should both be signed in to the same Apple ID. On iPhone, go to the Settings app. You can sign in to iCloud from there. On your Apple Watch, you can sign in to your Apple ID when pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone. Or, if you skipped that step during setup, you can sign in from the Apple Watch app on iPhone under General > Apple ID
  • To send and receive SMS from Apple Watch over cellular, your iPhone needs to be signed in to iMessage, turned on, and connected to a cellular network.
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8. How do I verify I have the most current software version on my iPhone?

9. How do I use my Apple Watch without having my phone nearby?

10. Will I have a separate bucket of minutes and data for my Apple Watch?

  • No. Apple Watch will use your current minutes and data buckets.

11. If I purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) somewhere else, can I activate it with U.S. Cellular?

  • Yes. Any Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) purchased from another location can be activated with U.S. Cellular.

12. Where can I learn about other features available with Apple Watch?

13. How Can I Get AppleCare+ on my Watch?

  • AppleCare+ for Apple Watch extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your Apple Watch and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. In addition, you'll get 24/7 priority access to Apple experts by chat or phone.

    AppleCare+ can be added within 60 days of your Apple Watch purchase:

    • Online (requires you to verify your serial number and run a remote diagnostic)
    • Visit an Apple Store (inspection of Apple Watch and proof of purchase are required)
    • Or call (800) 275-2273 (requires you to run a remote diagnostic and provide proof of purchase)

    See AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions for complete product details.