One-Ring Robocalls

There’s more than one way to avoid them.

At UScellular™, we have your back. We’re committed to continually providing you with information that helps you to avoid annoying, deceptive and potentially costly robocalls. Plus – we want you to be armed with a technology solution too. All of our customers can enjoy an extra layer of protection by downloading a free version of our proprietary Call Guardian® app.

What are One-Ring Robocall Scams?
One-ring robocalls trick you into unknowingly making International Toll calls which can add hundreds of dollars of charges to your account. This is not a new scam, but it has resurfaced and is occurring more frequently.

How does it work?
One-ring scammers use automated dialers to randomly calls hundreds of numbers, but the calls are disconnected after one ring. Victims see a missed call in their call log, and thinking it may be important, attempt to call the number back. The number appears as a typical U.S. 10-digit phone number, but in reality, these are International Long-Distance numbers, often originating from the Caribbean. If you return the call, a toll charge will likely be added to your UScellular™ account. The charges will increase the longer the call is connected, and you can be sure the “bad actor” will try to keep you on the phone as long as possible.

What are your best defenses?
Do not answer any call from a number you don't recognize – and don't return the call — even if it looks like a legitmate number. If the missed call was truly important, the caller would have left you a message.

Block the number from making any more calls to you. Most phones allow you to block any incoming number from calling your phone again.

Report the number as spam via the portal as well as the FCC Consumer Complaint Center

If you typically don’t make any International calls, you can contact UScellular’s Customer Care at 888-944-9400 and ask an associate to Turn off international dialing. This will prevent you from unknowingly calling an International number and incurring fees.

Download our exclusive Call Guardian® app. A free subscription will display a potential spam notice for all known offenders. The premium version displays enhanced details for all potentially risky callers and allows you to block calls by a selected risk level. Download it now for either Android and iOS.

For more information about UScellular’s robocall solution, please visit You can also visit the FCC’s page about stopping unwanted calls

Call Guardian® is a registered trademark of Transaction Network Solutions, Inc.