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Upgrade My Phone Early

How to upgrade your UScellular® phone or tablet before your upgrade eligibility date

Did you know? We can also assist you with this request by doing this online or over the phone.

Be Prepared With These Time-Saving Tips

Good to know:
  • You must be the account owner, an authorized contact

    You may appoint one or more persons to manage your account ("Authorized Contacts"). These Authorized Contacts will be able to access and make changes to your account, including but not limited to; view information about the account, add and/or terminate lines of Service, purchase equipment, extend and/or renew the IT, make payments on the account, etc. You are responsible for any account changes and/or purchases made by any Authorized Contact. Authorized users could be:

  • Your UScellular account must be current, with no past-due payments.
    • If account is past-due, you can make a payment at the store or make a payment ahead of time on My Account
  • If you are turning in your current device, it must be in good working condition

    Devices are considered to be in good working condition when: the device functions as expected and no physical, cosmetic and/or liquid damage exists.

  • Devices purchased with monthly installment payments must have at least 24 payments completed
    • If you have not completed 24 payments (30 payments on a 36-month term), you may either:
      • Make additional payments to accelerate your upgrade eligibility
      • Pay the remainder of installments left on your current device
  • Devices on a 2-year contract must be within 6 months of their upgrade eligibility date
    • If not within 6 months, you may pay a $15/month fee to purchase upgrade eligibility
Before you go:
  1. Back-up or transfer any personal data stored on the devices (texts, pictures, contacts, apps, etc.)
    • For Samsung Galaxy devices, you can back up and transfer content via Samsung Smart-Switch
    • For Android devices, you can back up and transfer your content via Google
    • For Apple devices transferring to Apple devices, you can back up and transfer content via Apple Support
    • If you're not sure how to back up content on your particular device, you can find specific, step-by-step instructions in our Device Tutorials
  2. Unlock any devices being returned or traded-in by removing the passcode
    • To disable passcode on Android devices, please refer to our Device Tutorials for your specific device
    • For Apple devices, you should also disable "Find my iPhone/Find my iPad". View instructions.
  3. If you've installed any apps, be prepared to reinstall them on your new device
    Please note: UScellular is not responsible for charges related to application installation

Make sure to bring:
  • Your current device, if applicable
  • A valid, government-issued photo ID

    A valid photo ID is a government- or state-issued ID that is not expired and that has a clearly distinguishable photo. Including (but not limited to): driver's license, state issued identification card, passport, military ID, Personal Identity Verification (PIV), federally recognized tribal ID.

    , such as a driver's license or passport, if visiting a store
  • Your account PIN, if calling customer care
  • Form of payment

Did you Know?

You can complete a device trade-in online by visiting

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Smart Tip: Some stores will even let you schedule an appointment ahead of time.

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