Know Before You Go: How to Trade in Your Phone

Keep reading to learn how to trade in your phone, learn what your phone is worth and/or get promotional credit for your old phone
Be Prepared With These Time-Saving Tips

Good to know:
  • To receive full trade-in value, the device must be in good working condition

    Devices are considered to be in good working condition when: the device functions as expected and no physical, cosmetic and/or liquid damage exists.

    • Please note: The value of any device is subject to change based on current market demand and the overall condition of the device.
  • To complete a trade-in, you must have an active UScellular account. If you do not have an active account, you can become eligible for the trade-in program by creating one today.
  • Only smartphones are eligible for trade-in. Connected devices, including tablets, are not eligible.

Before you go:
  1. Back-up or transfer any personal data stored on the devices (texts, pictures, contacts, apps, etc.)
    • For Samsung Galaxy devices, you can back up and transfer content via Samsung Smart-Switch
    • For Android devices, you can back up and transfer your content via Google
    • For Apple devices transferring to Apple devices, you can back up and transfer content via Apple Support
    • If you're not sure how to back up content on your particular device, you can find specific, step-by-step instructions in our Device Tutorials
  2. Unlock any devices being returned or traded-in by removing the passcode
    • To disable passcode on Android devices, please refer to our Device Tutorials for your specific device
    • For Apple devices, you should also disable "Find my iPhone/Find my iPad". View instructions.
  3. If you've installed any apps, be prepared to reinstall them on your new device
    Please note: UScellular is not responsible for charges related to application installation

Make sure to have:
  • A valid, government-issued photo ID

    A valid photo ID is a government- or state-issued ID that is not expired and that has a clearly distinguishable photo. Including (but not limited to): driver's license, state issued identification card, passport, military ID, Personal Identity Verification (PIV), federally recognized tribal ID.

    , such as a driver's license or passport, if visiting a store
  • Form of payment
  • The device you want to trade in

Did you Know?

You can complete a device trade-in online by visiting

Ready to visit a store? Find the one nearest you >

Smart Tip: Some stores will even let you schedule an appointment ahead of time.

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