Keeping you connected when it matters most

Here are some tips to help you be prepared before an emergency.

Preparedness tips:

  1. Find out if and how your school district notifies parents in an emergency.
  2. Save emergency phone numbers and e-mail addresses in your devices for police, fire, hospital, schools and other essential contacts.
  3. Designate two "in case of emergency" (ICE) contacts on your phone: one locally and one out of town.
  4. Buy and carry a spare car charger or external charging device and keep it in a waterproof bag.
  5. If your phone isn't waterproof, consider buying a Lifeproof case.
  6. Download apps such as FEMA, AccuWeather and Flashlight from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Another suggestion is to add a local news station app.
  7. If you have advance warning of a storm or other potential emergency, charge your devices as soon as possible.
  8. Take "before" photos/videos of your property (room by room and exteriors) on your device before an emergency so you have them for insurance purposes.