Set up your voice mail.

It’s simple to set up and use your voice mail service.

Follow these quick steps.

  1. Dial *86 or your own 10-digit number to access your mailbox
  2. When prompted, select English or Spanish
  3. Record your voice signature
  4. Record or select your greeting
  5. Start using your voice mailbox

For your security, avoid:

  • Repeating digits (3333)
  • Consecutive digits (1234)
  • Ascending or descending even or odds (2468)

Listening to Messages

From your wireless device:

  1. Dial *86 or your own 10-digit number
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your password or start using your mailbox

From another device:

  1. Dial your wireless number
  2. During greeting, Press * and enter your password when prompted

Prefer to read your messages?

Learn more about Voice Mail to Text or start your free trial by texting GO to 1066