Data Management
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Overage Protection

Overage Protection

U.S. Cellular® helps you manage your data usage by automatically sending you Text Message alerts when you approach your limit. If you don't want to worry about data overage charges or hidden fees, see our Total Plans

Data Estimator

Data Estimator Tool

See our Data Estimator Tool for an explanation of how much data is used by the different activities that you perform on your wireless device.

How to Track Your Data

How To Track Your Data

U.S. Cellular® helps you track your data usage by automatically sending you Text Message alerts when you approach your usage limit, but there are even more ways to track your data usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I go over my data limit?

If you have a non-tiered data plan and exceed your data limit, your data access will be slowed down for the remainder of your bill cycle. Your usual network speeds will be restored on day 1 of the next billing cycle. Please note that all plans will experience a reduction in speed when roaming usage exceeds 400MB. Customers will not be notified about speed reduction. However, you will receive text message alerts notifying you of your data usage. See Data Overage Protection for more details. Also for more information on our Unlimited Plans, see our Plans page

Does going over my data limit affect my calling and Text Messaging? What about email, web browsing, and music and video streaming?

Exceeding data limits will not affect Text Messaging or voice calls. However, email, web browsing and music and video streaming are subject to reduced speeds. Please note that the reduced speeds will mainly impact streaming content because this content requires the most data usage.

When will I receive a Data Overage Protection alert?

For tiered data plans, U.S. Cellular will automatically send you text alerts prior to the close of the bill cycle when you approach 75% and 100% of your data limit. If you are on a tiered data plan, for every data tier that you go over, you will receive a message warning when you approach 75% and 100% of that data tier.

For Total Plans customers, since there are no overage fees, no alerts will be sent.

Note: Customers who are using devices that do not support text messaging will receive the notifications via an outbound call to the customer's alternate contact phone number.

Data Management FAQs

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