Monthly Data Usage Estimate

Select the type of device that you are using, and then move the sliders next to each activity to calculate your estimated monthly data usage.

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Data Legend

The examples below provide a guideline to the amount of data used per service.

1 email (sent or received, text only) = 35KB
1 email (sent or received) with attachments = 350KB
1 minute of connected game play = 1MB
1 social media post = 250KB
1 standard Web page = 180KB
1 app/game/song download = 4MB
1 minute of streaming music = 1MB
1 minute of streaming video (SD) = 4.5MB
1 minute of streaming video (HD) = 16.5MB
Data Conversion
1MB = 1,024KB
1GB = 1,024MB

Note: Data usage varies per phone/device. The above examples are based on averages using a smartphone and are estimates only. The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary significantly from the examples above.