Voice Mail To Text FAQs

  1. 1) I am a current U.S. Cellular® customer. Am I eligible for the free 30 day trial?

    Yes, all postpaid customers who have voice mail and are SMS text messaging enabled are eligible for the free 30 day trial. Please refer to the Terms of Service for Voice Mail to Text before you start the 30-day free trial.

  2. 2) Will I receive a notification when my 30 day trial is set to expire?

    No. If you wish to cancel your trial, you must call customer service by dialing #611 from your device prior to the conclusion of your 30 day trial and request for your trial to be cancelled. Otherwise, at the end of your free trial you will automatically switch to the $2.99/mo. billed service.

  3. 3) How do I opt out of the service?

    To opt out of the service either before your trial has ended or after your $2.99/mo. billed service has begun, simply ask customer service to cancel your trial or service. To call customer service, dial #611 from your device.

  4. 4) If I don't opt out, what happens?

    Your service will automatically be converted from the free trial to a $2.99 billed service.

  5. 5) Is this service fully automated?

    Yes, the Voice Mail to Text service is fully automated and is transcribed by a voice transcription engine.

  6. 6) Are there privacy concerns with this service?

    No, this service utilizes a fully automated voice transcription engine and there is no human interaction with your messages.

  7. 7) If I have Voice Mail to Text service, is my voice mail still on the voice mail platform?

    Yes, you will have the option to dial into your voice mail account and listen to your messages, customize your voice mail box settings (not to be confused with customizing your Voice Mail to Text settings which is done via the Delivery Preferences Portal available from a link on the home page), and save and delete messages just as you do today.

  8. 8) Can I save my voice mails?

    Yes, voice mails can still be saved traditionally on the voice mail platform. As an additional benefit to subscribers, if you have e-mail delivery, the transcription will be delivered with an audio file recording of the message attached.

  9. 9) How long does it take to receive the transcription?

    Transcriptions arrive almost immediately after the voice mail message has been concluded by the sender.

  10. 10) How do I know that I have a message if the voice mail indicator light does not appear?

    If you get a Voice Mail to Text message, you will receive notification of a missed call. Depending upon your preferences, you will see one of the following:
    An e-mail message from "US Cellular VM2Text"
    A text message from the number that called
    Both an email message from "U.S. Cellular VM2Text" and a text message from the number that called

  11. 11) What happens to voice mail messages saved before provisioning Voice Mail to Text?

    All new or saved messages received prior to provisioning Voice Mail to Text will be transcribed and sent to the customer via SMS delivery (the default delivery setting) as soon as the service is activated for them. The originating phone number will not be included in the transcription of SMS delivery, and there will be no ##short code for instant voice mail message access.

  12. 12) If I choose e-mail as my preference, what should I do if I don't see my Voice Mail to Text messages in my e-mail Inbox?

    First, check your preferences on the Delivery Preferences Portal available from a link on the home page. Once you have confirmed that your e-mail address is correct and that you are set up to receive e-mail notifications, check your "Junk" mail folders. If you find "US Cellular VM2Text" in your junk mail, right click on it, select "Junk E-mail," and "Mark as Not Junk". You'll then have the opportunity to add "US Cellular VM2Text" to a "safe" list so that these messages will not be marked as junk in the future.

  13. 13) If only the first 45 seconds is transcribed how do I retrieve the remainder of the message?

    There are 3 ways you may listen to the message:
    Email delivery only — download and play the attached wav file
    Call your voice mail and access the message the traditional way
    Call your voicemail and use the ## feature

  14. 14) I know this service is available to transcribe both English and Spanish — do I have to choose a language preference?

    No, if the caller is speaking English the message will be transcribed in English automatically, if the caller is speaking Spanish, it will be transcribed in Spanish automatically.