Vehicle Monitoring FAQs

  1. 1) What is Vehicle Monitoring?

    Vehicle Monitoring keeps track of your family car or your company vehicles and driver safety. With this easy-to-install device, you can troubleshoot and monitor your vehicle from your Smartphone or computer. From checking your vehicle's location on a map, to deciphering engine codes from your couch, now you have the power to keep a close eye on your vehicle and have added peace of mind, anytime and anywhere.
    Click here to view the Vehicle Monitoring video.

  2. 2) What is Delphi Connect?

    With the Delphi Connect system, you can monitor and locate your car, as well as troubleshoot its problems. For a full list of features, visit the Delphi Connect Overview.

    Delphi Connect comes with an easy-to-install module for your vehicle. To get information about your car and manage it, you’ll use your Delphi Connect Account through a Smartphone app or the Internet. Learn More.

  3. 3) Do I need a Smartphone to use the Delphi Connect system?

    No, once you set up your Delphi Connect account, you can sign in to it through the Internet by visiting:

  4. 4) Does Vehicle Monitoring require a specific U.S. Cellular Plan? Is there a monthly charge for the service?

    Vehicle Monitoring can be added to any Shared Connect Plan.
    There is a $10 monthly charge, which appears as 2 separate $5 charges on the billing statement.

    -- SD Access - Remote Monitoring - $5
    -- Vehicle Monitoring Service - $5

  5. 5) How many vehicles can I install it in?

    You can install as many as you need. The module will only record data from the vehicle in which it is currently installed, but the recorded data from all vehicles is always available in the Smartphone app and website.

  6. 6) What happens if I load the app on my non-U.S. Cellular phone?

    The Smartphone apps are designed to run on Smartphones (regardless of your service provider) with Android version 2.2 and later and Apple iPhones running iOS version 5.0 and later.

  7. 7) How do I set up and install a module?

    To set up the Delphi Connect system, you’ll need to activate the Vehicle Monitoring module on the U.S. Cellular network with an associated data plan. Then, follow the setup and installation instructions in the Quick Start Guide.

  8. 8) I installed my module and it won't pick up my current location. Why?

    Your module relies on GPS to determine vehicle location. Location accuracy is subject to GPS accuracy, which means that it could take minutes for a first-time position to be available and it may not work inside of garages or in other structures. It may also be possible that the location in the vehicle where the module is installed may create a weak GPS signal and use of an extension cable may be necessary to relocate the module to a better location for GPS reception.

  9. 9) How do I add an additional module to my account?

    If the second module is on an account that you have used, first remove the module from that account using the Remove feature. Then, log in to your account and use the Add Module feature under Settings--> Account Settings--> Manage Module, to add the additional module.

  10. 10) If I have multiple modules on one account, how can I see the data from my other vehicles?

    On an iPhone, you can select a different vehicle by tapping on the vehicle icon in the upper right hand corner. On an Android device, you can select a different vehicle by tapping on the vehicle name at the top of the screen. On the website, you can select a different vehicle by clicking on the drop down arrow located to the right of your vehicle name at the top of the screen.

  11. 11) I unplugged my module before I took it to the dealership. How do I re-install it? Do I have to do everything again?

    If the LED is solid blue, then begin with step 5 in the Quick Reference Guide to re-initialize your module. If the LED is not solid blue, disconnect the unit from your vehicle, wait 10 seconds, reconnect it and wait for the solid blue LED (about 25 seconds). Begin with step 5 in the Quick Reference Guide to re-initialize your module.

  12. 12) Is there a charge to receive notifications through text messages?

    Text notifications will be billed per your U.S. Cellular plan.

  13. 13) Will my module work while I am roaming?

    Yes, it will; however, initial setup must be completed in a U.S. Cellular coverage area.

  14. 14) What if I forget my username and/or password?

    Access the automated system to retrieve your login information. On the app login page, tap “Forgot Username” or tap “Forgot Password”. On the web login page, click “Forgot your username?” or “Forgot your password?”

  15. 15) How do I know if my vehicle will work with Vehicle Monitoring?

    Vehicle Monitoring works with most cars manufactured after 1996. Simply enter your vehicle's info here:, and find out if your vehicle is compatible.

  16. 16) How much data will this use a month?

    Average monthly data usage is typically less than 10 MB per month per module. This may vary depending on how you use your vehicle and how often you enable the live tracking feature.