SpeedTalk FAQs

  1. 1) What is SpeedTalk ® ?

    SpeedTalk is a walkie-talkie service that provides simple communication with the touch of a button. A SpeedTalk capable phone and subscription to SpeedTalk is required to use the service.

  2. 2) What is a buddy list?

    A buddy list is a directory located within the phone that includes all SpeedTalk buddies/contacts that you select. Only other SpeedTalk buddies/contacts appear in this directory.

  3. 3) What is a buddy/contact?

    A buddy/contact is any one individual you assign via the SpeedTalk Web site or entered via your phone. Only other U.S. Cellular SpeedTalk customers may be added as buddies/contacts.

  4. 4) How do I set up my SpeedTalk buddy lists?

    You can manage your buddy lists directly from your phone or on the SpeedTalk buddy list Web site. You can access this Web site directly at

  5. 5) How many "Individual buddies/Contacts" can I establish?

    You may establish up to 250 different individual buddies/contacts.

  6. 6) How do I make a SpeedTalk call?

    You can make two types of calls, an alert call or a barge call by pressing the SpeedTalk button located at the left side or top of your phone.

  7. 7) What is an Alert call?

    An alert call is the tactful method by which you can contact another SpeedTalk customer without barging-in and automatically speaking. The recipient's phone plays an audible tone (or vibrates, depending on how the recipient has their phone set -up) and displays a message indicating someone wants to speak with them.

  8. 8) How do you respond to an Alert call?

    To reply to an alert call, simply press the Answer soft key and the SpeedTalk button to begin speaking.

  9. 9) What is a Barge call?

    A barge call is the method by which someone receives a SpeedTalk call by hearing an audible tone (or vibrate, depending on how the recipient has their phone set-up) immediately followed by the voice of the originator.

  10. 10) What is "Ignoring an Alert"?

    If you are unable to reply to an alert, you may disregard the request to speak by pressing the ignore soft key. The originator's phone will display a message that you are unavailable.

  11. 11) What is a "Group Call"?

    A group call is a call that includes three or more parties. Group calls can include up to 25 people at the same time.

  12. 12) Will I be charged airtime for my SpeedTalk calls?

    No, you will not be charged airtime for SpeedTalk calls. Your SpeedTalk are taken from an unlimited minute bucket and are separate from your anytime voice minutes.

  13. 13) Will my regular voice calls be interrupted when I receive a SpeedTalk alert?

    No, your regular voice call will not be interrupted. The person sending you the SpeedTalk alert will receive a notice indicating that you are unavailable. A person sending you the SpeedTalk barge call will receive a "call ended" message when you do not respond.

  14. 14) Do I need to have a special SpeedTalk phone number?

    No, you will only need one U.S. Cellular wireless telephone number for both traditional voice calls and your SpeedTalk calls.

  15. 15) What is Floor Control?

    Floor control is the ability to gain access to speak while active in a SpeedTalk session.

  16. 16) What is a SpeedTalk Button?

    The SpeedTalk button is the large button located on the left side or top of the phone used to initiate or respond to a SpeedTalk call. Floor control (the ability to speak) is received by depressing this button.

  17. 17) What happens when I receive a regular voice call while using SpeedTalk?

    While you are using your SpeedTalk service, you will not be interrupted if another person tries to call you. Incoming regular voice calls will go directly to your voice mail and will be in your call log. You will not notice a change during your SpeedTalk call.

  18. 18) I don’t want everyone hearing my SpeedTalk conversations, how can I make them private?

    You can keep all of your calls, including your SpeedTalk calls private, by turning off your speaker and leaving the phone on earpiece. All your calls will now go through the earpiece and not over the speaker. You will need to let your SpeedTalk contacts know that you'd like them to "alert" you first before speaking.

  19. 19) Can I block someone from entering me in their SpeedTalk contacts list?

    Yes, you can block users from entering you into their SpeedTalk contacts list. Simply go to our buddy list site at and click on Allow/block. Then enter in the 10-digit wireless number of the person you'd like to block. This person will now get an error message if they try to enter you into their SpeedTalk contacts list.

  20. 20) Will I be notified if someone adds me to their SpeedTalk contacts list?

    If you'd like to be notified when another SpeedTalk user adds you to their buddy list, you can set this preference at Then when a user adds you to their buddy list, you will receive a notification message with the number of the person who added you.

  21. 21) Will SpeedTalk work nationwide?

    Yes, you can connect directly with other U.S. Cellular SpeedTalk subscribers across the nation within the U.S. Cellular Enhanced Services Area. See coverage map for details.