1. 1) Can I download ringtones on my phone?

    If your phone is easyedgeSM capable, you can download ringtones from a variety of our ringtone providers. Visit our ringtones page to view our a list of our ringtone providers. Our easyedgeSM service is available on a Pay As You Go plan, or you can purchase a monthly plan. View our data and internet options.

  2. 2) How much does it cost to download ringtones?

    There are various ringtone providers and different prices for each. You are offered "credits" to purchase ringtones. Each credit is worth one ringtone. You can purchase a package of credits (e.g. 3, 5, 7) or just one at a time. The price of credits varies by ringtone. Visit our ringtones page for pricing from the available ringtone providers.

  3. 3) Can I hear the ringtones before I purchase them?

    Yes, you will be offered the option to listen to a short sample of the ringtone before you make a purchase.

  4. 4) How do I download ringtones?

    Browse and purchase ringtones from the Tone Room Deluxe Web site or via your phone.

    To download ringtones, your phone must be easyedgeSM capable. Enter the easyedgeSM shop from your phone via the shopping cart icon. Select "Ringtones" to browse our selection of ringtone providers. You can also view our ringtone providers here.

    After you select a ringtone provider, you will be asked how many credits you wish to purchase. Once you have credits, you can browse the available ringtones. You can hear samples of ringtones before purchasing them. After agreeing to download the song, it will now be saved on your phone. You will then need to access your phone's media/audio settings to access the downloaded song.

  5. 5) How will I be charged for downloading a ringtone?

    You will always be asked to accept any charges prior to being billed for any downloaded application from the easyedgeSM shop. Once you accept, the charges will automatically appear on your next bill according to your billing cycle.

  6. 6) Why can't I hear the ringtone(s) I downloaded?

    To hear a previously downloaded ringtone, you will need to first access your phone's media/audio settings to save the ringtone as your featured song. The ringtone may need to still be live on your phone in order to access the ringtone. Please note: Deleting the application from your phone may delete your downloaded ringtones. The ringtone provider will inform you of this while you are in the process of purchasing ringtones.