Ready Connect Prepaid Plans FAQs

  1. 1) Who is eligible for Ready Connect Prepaid Plans?

    The good news is, anyone is eligible for Ready Connect Prepaid Plans from U.S. Cellular! You don't need to sign an annual service contract, you'll never get a monthly bill and no credit checks are necessary.

  2. 2) How do I know if a Ready Connect Prepaid Plan is right for me?

    Ready Connect Prepaid Plans can be an ideal solution for anyone, especially:

    • Anyone who does not want to sign a contract

    • Budget-conscious and safety-conscious people who want to control their spending

    • Parents who want to get wireless phones for their kids

    • Businesses that want to track wireless spending by their employees

    • Anyone who is living in an area on a temporary basis, such as college students, military personnel and vacationers

    • Anyone who wants a wireless phone without undergoing a credit check

  3. 3) Is a service contract required to obtain the phone?

    No. Annual service contracts are not required to obtain a phone.

  4. 4) I already have a wireless phone. Do I have to buy a new phone to sign up for a Ready Connect Prepaid Plan?

    Ready Connect Prepaid Plans work with many U.S. Cellular wireless phones with the exception to Blackberry and Windows devices. Please visit if you have a phone and are not sure if it is compatible.

  5. 5) What features do I get with a Ready Connect Prepaid Plan?

    Unlimited talk, unlimited text, picture and video messaging including international text, Call Waiting, 3-Way Conferencing, Caller ID (where available) & Voicemail are included in all Ready Connect Prepaid Plans.

    Additionally, you get National Coverage with no roaming charges, Nationwide Long Distance, Refill reminders, low balance notifications.

  6. 6) What features can I add to a Ready Connect Prepaid Plan?

    International Long DistanceClick here to view International Rates

    Device Protection+ — Replace or repair your phone if it is lost, stolen or damaged. Instant Refill required. Learn more about Device Protection+

    Unlimited Talk & Text To Mexico & Canada — Make unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada. Learn more about Unlimited Talk &Text to Mexico & Canada

    Unlimited Calling Canada Plan —Make unlimited calls to both landline and mobile numbers in Canada. Learn more about Unlimited Calling Canada Plan

    Unlimited Calling Mexico Plan —Make unlimited calls to both landline and mobile numbers in Mexico. Learn more about Unlimited Calling Mexico Plan

  7. 7) How do I activate my Ready Connect prepaid phone?

    There are two easy ways for you to activate your Ready Connect prepaid phone:
    • Online by visiting

    • By calling Prepaid Activations at 1-855-872-2123

  8. 8) How do I determine my monthly usage for data, messages, and minutes?

    Dial 611 from your handset and select "usage" from the menu options to hear information on your usage for data, messages, and minutes for the month.

  9. 9) How do I know how much money is in my prepaid account at any given time?

    Visit to view your current balance as well as sign-up for Auto Pay or make a one-time payment.

    You can also easily check your balance at any time by dialing #BAL (#225) from your wireless phone. This is a free call.

  10. 10) How much do calls cost with a Ready Connect Prepaid Plan?

    Your rate depends on the calling plan you select. Many plans offer unlimited calls and rates are as low as 10¢/minute for our Pay-As-You-Go Plan, including nationwide long distance.

  11. 11) How can I add money to my account?

    Sign Up for Auto Pay — This is the most convenient way to be sure that you always stay connected. If you choose to set up monthly Auto Pay, your credit/debit card will be automatically charged on a specific day of the month of your choosing. There are two easy ways to sign-up for Auto Pay:
    • Visit
    • Dial 611 and speak to a representative

    Additionally, there are Auto Pay discounts available on some U.S. Cellular prepaid plans – check out the homepage for the latest information.

    Visit a U.S. Cellular Store — Visit any U.S. Cellular retail store to refill your account cash or credit/debit card. The in-store minimum refill is $5. Find a U.S. Cellular retail location near you.

    Refill By Phone — All Prepaid customers can refill with just a call. Dial #ADD (#233) on your cell phone or call 888-944-9400 from any phone and follow the prompts to complete your refill using a credit/debit card.

    Visit a National Retailer — Customers can purchase a refill card or get a refill PIN at the register from these leading national retailers:

    • Walmart
    • Dollar General
    • Circle K
    • CVS
    • Family Dollar
    • GoMart
    • Kum and Go
    • Kwik Trip
    • Little General
    • Murphy USA
    • Road Runner
    • Speedway
    • Town and Country

    Dial #ADD (#233) on your cell phone or call 888-944-9400 from any phone and follow the prompts to complete your refill using the refill PIN either printed on your receipt or on the back of the prepaid refill card.

  12. 12) Can I use prepaid service outside of my home service area?

    Yes. National roaming is included at no additional charge. View network coverage map

  13. 13) What other fees are associated with Ready Connect Prepaid Plans?

    A one-time activation fee may apply, depending on your plan. Additional fees, taxes, and terms apply and vary by service and equipment.

  14. 14) What if I use all of my data before it’s time to replenish?

    This is the good thing about Ready Connect Plans; You Never Run Out of Data! Depending on the plan you choose, after you reach your high-speed data allotment (e.g. 1GB, 6GB, etc.) your data speed slows down to 2G without any data overage fees. However, if you wish to restore your high speed data allotment you may contact Customer Service by dialing 611 at any time to replenish your account.