Number Portability

  1. 1) What is Number Portability?

    If a phone number is “portable,” that means it can be transferred (ported over) for use from one phone service provider to another. This allows you to keep your current phone number when you switch to a new phone company.

  2. 2) Can I keep my phone number when transferring service to U.S. Cellular?

    In most cases, it’s easy to keep your existing phone number and transfer it to our network. To check if a specific number is eligible for transfer, call 1-888-944-9400.

  3. 3) How long will it take to port my phone number to U.S. Cellular?

    If you’re porting a phone number to U.S. Cellular from another wireless carrier, the process is usually completed within minutes. If you’re porting a landline number, the process can sometimes take days. Your U.S. Cellular Associate can advise you of progress or any potential delays during this time.

  4. 4) What information do I need to port my number?

    To successfully port your number, you’ll need:
    • Account owner's full name
    • Carrier company's name
    • Account number with that provider
    • Password or PIN for the account with that provider
    • The phone number

  5. 5) Is there anything else I can do to help the porting process go smoothly?

    Have a copy of a recent bill from your current carrier on hand. It contains information that can help streamline the porting process and ensure your number is transferred as soon as possible.

  6. 6) Should I cancel my existing phone service with my current carrier?

    No. Make sure to keep your current phone service active--this is crucial for the porting process. If you discontinue the phone’s service before the process is complete, that number loses its portability and can no longer be transferred.

  7. 7) When will service with my current service provider end?

    Once the porting process is complete, your previous service will be deactivated. If you are activating a new phone with U.S. Cellular, your previous phone may still receive incoming calls and messages for a short time after deactivation.

  8. 8) What happens to calls during the process of transferring my number?

    During the first step of the porting process, your number is activated on our network, allowing you to make and receive calls from other U.S. Cellular customers. However, calls from non-U.S. Cellular customers will still be routed to your previous carrier for a short time, until your number has successfully been transferred and the porting process is complete.

  9. 9) Can I use my current phone or do I have to purchase a new one?

    You are not required to purchase a new phone when porting your number to U.S. Cellular. However, your current phone must be compatible with our network. Visit our Bring Your Own Device page to learn more or contact Customer Service at 1-888-944-9400 to check if your specific phone is compatible.

  10. 10) What if I have to make a 911 call during the porting process?

    You can make a 911 emergency call at any time while your number is being ported to U.S. Cellular. However, in the event that you are disconnected during the call, the 911 operator may not be able to call back, depending on the progress of the porting process at that time. For this reason, be sure to immediately inform the operator of your location and remain on the line until advised to hang up. If disconnected, call back, repeat your location and let them know you were disconnected.

  11. 11) Will U.S. Cellular charge me any fees for transferring my number?

    U.S. Cellular does not charge specific fees for porting phone numbers to our network. If you are transferring your number off the U.S. Cellular network to a new service, you may be subject to an Early Termination Fee (ETF) or be required to pay any remaining balance on your Retail Installment Contract (RIC), if applicable.