Number Portability

  1. 1) What is Number Portability?

    Number Portability allows you to transfer your phone number from your current service provider to a different provider. At U.S. Cellular, we have the ability to transfer your existing phone number from either your current wireless or landline (home phone) service provider. For more information, you can speak with a friendly sales associate at a local U.S. Cellular store or you can purchase online.

  2. 2) Can I port my number from one city to another?

    No, not at this time. You can only port your number to another carrier within the same local service area. While geographic porting may occur at a later time, no target date has been specified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

  3. 3) How long will it take to get my new phone?

    Your sales associate will give you an estimated time frame in which they will contact you to finalize the activation. However, the amount of time needed to port your number depends on your old carrier and other variables.

  4. 4) When do I select my new calling plan, phone and features?

    When you first visit a local U.S. Cellular location or call 1-888-BUY-USCC, you will be introduced to all the plans, phones and features available to you.

  5. 5) What information do I need to port my number?

    Have a copy of a recent bill from your current carrier so that the sales associate can easily verify your current carrier's information. You may want to verify your contract status with your current service provider since you may be charged a fee for porting while still under contract.

  6. 6) What if the information I provide U.S. Cellular does not match what is on my account with my current carrier?

    You will be notified of any delays or additional information required to complete the porting process. Please make sure the sales associate has a contact number to reach you.

  7. 7) Should I deactivate my phone with my current carrier?

    No. Keep your current phone active. If you discontinue your number before the porting process is complete, you will lose your ability to port your number. Once your number is successfully ported to U.S. Cellular, service with your old service provider will be deactivated.

  8. 8) When will service with my current service provider end?

    The porting process can take up to one day to complete for your wireless number and several days for a landline number. During this time, service with your current provider will remain active. Once porting is complete and you receive your new U.S. Cellular phone, your old service will be deactivated. However, for a short period of time after deactivation, your old phone may still work.

  9. 9) Do I have to purchase a new phone?

    Yes. When you port your number to U.S. Cellular, you will have to purchase a new phone because not all carriers have the same technologies. U.S. Cellular offers a wide range of phones. Find the phone that best fits your needs.

  10. 10) Can I port my home/business landline phone number to U.S. Cellular?

    Yes, in most cases you will be able to port your landline phone number to U.S. Cellular. However, there will be some limitations based on which wireline carrier you have service with and if your phone number is eligible to port. Also, remember that porting a landline phone number could take a few days to complete.

    Landline carriers U.S. Cellular can port with:
    Bell South
    Choice One/US XChange
    McCleod USA
    Qwest Wireline
    SBC Wireline
    Sprint Wireline
    TDS Telecom
    Time Warner Telecom
    Verizon Wireline

  11. 11) If I am porting my home/business landline phone number, what do I need to consider?

    If you currently have DSL (high-speed Internet service), in conjunction with your home/business landline service, you need to find out if your DSL service will be disconnected. You should also ask about any termination fees that might apply. Since wireless numbers are not listed, you need to be aware that you may lose your white or yellow page listing.

  12. 12) What if I have to make a 911 call during the porting process?

    The porting process can take up to one day or a few days to complete. If you call 911 from either your new phone (before porting is complete) or you're old phone (after the port is complete), the 911 call center cannot call you back.

    You should inform 911 of your location and remain on the line until advised to hang up. If the call is disconnected before details have been provided, simply call 911 again, repeat your location and let them know you were disconnected.

  13. 13) Can I transfer multiple numbers when ordering online?

    Yes. Click on the links for each line in the Phone Number Transfer section of the Checkout Page and fill out the required fields.

  14. 14) If I am a current U.S. Cellular prepaid customer, can I transfer my number to a postpaid/contract-based account?

    Currently, we are not able to transfer a U.S. Cellular number on a Prepaid calling plan to a contract-based calling plan. If you would like to move from one type of service to the other, please call 1-888-BUY-USCC or stop in to one of our stores to discuss your options.