Mobile to Mobile

  1. 1) What is Mobile-to-Mobile?

    Mobile-to-Mobile is a feature that discounts a U.S. Cellular customer's airtime for incoming and outgoing calls to other U.S. Cellular customers. The Mobile-to-Mobile customer must be in their Mobile-to-Mobile calling area on a U.S. Cellular network and the Roaming indicator must not be lit or flashing.

  2. 2) Are calls to Voice Mail rated as Mobile-to-Mobile?

    If you are in your Mobile-to-Mobile calling area and your roaming indicator is off, calls to Voice Mail are rated as Mobile-to-Mobile minutes.

  3. 3) Is the Mobile-to-Mobile calling area different than my calling plan's calling area?

    Yes. The Mobile-to-Mobile calling area applies within licensed U.S. Cellular markets. See coverage map. Also, your roaming indicator must not be on or flashing.

  4. 4) How much does Mobile-to-Mobile cost?

    On Wide Area and National Single Line Plans include SpeedTalk®Wide Area and National Single Line plans, Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile is $6.00 per month. All Wide Area and National Family Plans including SpeedTalk Wide Area and National Family Plans include Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile as an included calling feature. Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes will not be deducted from your calling plan's anytime minutes.

  5. 5) Do both parties have to have Mobile-to-Mobile to receive the Mobile-to-Mobile rate?

    For both parties to receive the Mobile-to-Mobile rating, both must have the feature. If only one has the feature, only he/she will receive the Mobile-to-Mobile call rating. The customer without the feature will have minutes deducted from his/her rate plan's package minutes. Customers must be in their Mobile-to-Mobile coverage area for the Mobile-to-Mobile minutes to apply. See coverage map.

  6. 6) What about calls to/from Prepaid Wireless customers?

    If you are a U.S. Cellular postpaid customer, and have the Mobile-to-Mobile feature, calls that you make to, and receive from Prepaid Wireless customers will qualify as Mobile-to-Mobile minutes. However, Prepaid Wireless customers cannot have Mobile-to-Mobile.

  7. 7) What if I have Night & Weekend Minutes, plus Mobile-to-Mobile and I make a Mobile-to-Mobile call at night or on the weekend, how is this call rated?

    In this scenario, calls would be rated as Night & Weekend minutes, not Mobile-to-Mobile.