Mobile Data Security FAQs

Registration Questions

  1. 1) Why do I need a Mobile Data Security Account and what is the Mobile Data Security portal?

    A Mobile Data Security account provides a personal cloud space for you to back up your phone's data as well as gives you access to the Mobile Data Security portal where you can locate, alarm, lock and wipe your lost or stolen smartphone. The Mobile Data Security portal is at You can sign up for this account on the portal or from the application.

  2. 2) I signed up for Mobile Data Security but never got the verification email. What should I do?

    If you did not receive your verification email, please check your spam folder to ensure it was not marked by your email provider as spam. You can also request a resend of the verification email or change your email that you use to register for U.S. Cellular Mobile Data Security within the Mobile Data Security app.

  3. 3) How do I confirm my current service?

    If the subscription did not complete due to a connection time out, please follow these steps to complete:
    1. Open the App
    2. Tap Premium Protection
    3. Tap Menu
    4. Tap Update user Information

  4. Subscription Questions

  5. 4) I just upgraded my device but kept my phone number, how do I transfer my premium U.S. Cellular Mobile Data Security subscription to the new phone?

    Just download the application on your new device from Google Play. Upon starting the app it automatically detects and informs user of their premium status. If there is a connection error or no internet connection, once connection is established you can select "Update User Information" from the menu of "Premium Protection" to sync your current subscription status.

  6. 5) I have changed my phone number on my existing phone, does my service still work?

    You will retain your current Mobile Data Security service (basic or premium) on your device regardless of the phone number, as long as you remain the owner of the account. To update your service level, go to Premium Protection and select Update User Information from the menu to update the current service level on your phone. If you are giving your phone to another party, we strongly recommend that you backup all your personal data and perform factory reset to restore your phone to factory state.

  7. 6) How can I cancel my Premium service subscription?

    You can cancel a subscription or recurring payment by following these steps:
    1. Open the app
    2. Tap Premium Protection
    3. Tap Menu
    4. Tap Unsubscribe

    You can also contact U.S. Cellular customer service to cancel service. Your premium service will be active until the end of the current billing cycle.

  8. Anti-Theft Questions

  9. 7) I have premium service and I've lost my phone. How does the Anti-theft feature work?

    You must enable and set up anti-theft features on your phone prior to losing your phone in order to protect your device. Anti-theft features provide several tools to help you deal with the loss of your phone. These tools can be used online through your U.S. Cellular account. Alternatively you can send SMS/text messages to your lost phone from your trusted reporting number:

    1. Remote locate--you can find the location of your phone via GPS and other location-based services as long as the phone is on and has network connection. To use the remote locate feature text *locate* to your device from your trusted reporting number.

    2. Sound the alarm--send the alarm command to your phone to activate an alarm. To use the alarm feature text *alarm* to your device from your trusted reporting number.

    3. Remote lock--prevent unauthorized use by locking your phone remotely. To use the lock feature text *lock* to your device from your trusted reporting number. This feature also enables the Intruder Alert function on your lost device. Your U.S. Cellular account password can help you unlock your device.

    4. Remote Backup - back up your contacts, text and call history, photos, and videos from anywhere. To start the backup text *backup* to your device from your trusted reporting number.

    5. Delete command--protect your privacy by deleting contacts, messages, photos, and videos remotely. To use the delete feature text *delete* to your device from your trusted reporting number.

    Please note that the Anti-theft features need to previously have been activated on your phone in order to use these features.

  10. How does Intruder Alert work and does it work with the Android default lock screen?

    To enable intruder alert for your Premium subscription, lock your phone by texting *lock* from your reporting number or by sending the command from your U.S. Cellular Protector account accessible Once locked, your phone's Intruder Alert will photograph anyone who tries to break in and send the picture to the email address associated with your U.S. Cellular Mobile Data Security account. This feature works best with a device with a front-facing camera. For devices without a front-facing camera, the break-in alert with a picture will be limited since the camera would have to be pointed at the person.

    Your phone must be locked with U.S. Cellular Mobile Date Security app and have Anti-Theft features enabled for Intruder Alert to work.

  11. Backup & Restore Questions

  12. How do I backup my contacts and content?

    You can backup your phone's contacts (free and premium subscription) and other personal data such as photos, videos, call logs and SMS logs (premium subscription only), so that you can restore them easily in case of loss or upgrade to a new device. Before you backup, you will need to create your U.S. Cellular Mobile Data Security account. If you already have an account, tap Backup and select the data you would like to backup to start the process.

    It is a good idea to set up auto backup functionality to backup when the device is connected to Wi-Fi in order to conserve network data usage.

    In the event of a lost and stolen phone, you can initiate remote backup from your trusted reporting phone by texting *backup* to your phone.

  13. How much storage do I have for backing up?

    5GB — data charges do apply. Wi-Fi is recommended for all manual and auto backups.

  14. Anti-Spam Questions

  15. Why aren't calls from my block list being blocked?

    If you are receiving calls or messages from blocked contacts, try the following:
    • Verify that the numbers are added to your block list. Check to be sure the numbers are correct.
    • Sometimes, country codes can cause this problem. Please check to make sure the country code has been properly added to the number you are trying to block. One way to make sure the number is blocked is by adding the number from the call log or SMS log to the block list. The country code for US is 1. For example, instead of 2125551212, you may need to add the number as 12125551212.
    • Go to Settings and confirm that your blocking rules are set up properly.
    • Be sure that you don't have other apps installed that perform similar functions. They may conflict with U.S. Cellular Mobile Data Security and cause performance issues.

  16. Anti-Virus Questions

  17. How do I protect myself from the latest threats to the Android platform?

    Make sure you keep you virus database updated. This feature is only available for premium users. To update your database:
    1. Go into Anti-Virus
    2. Tap update database button on the top
    3. Run Fast Scan, Full Scan or Custom Scan to make sure your phone is fully protected.

  18. More Features

  19. What is Privacy Report?

    Privacy Report gives a report of what apps on your phone have permissions to the various areas of your device, including personal information such as your contacts, location and call recording functions AND that you can uninstall or that have an update available. You can uninstall suspicious apps within Mobile Data Security.

  20. What does Data Usage do?

    Data Usage allows you to monitor your data traffic and be aware of the usage by the different apps on your device. It also allows you to set limits and reminders under settings to help you manage your data usage. The default is set at 500MB and will need to be adjusted depending on your individual data plan. In the settings, you can adjust based on your data plan (i.e. 2000MB = 2GB) and your billing cycle start date located on your U.S. Cellular Wireless bill. You can then set when you want to be notified when you're getting close to your limit.

  21. What does Check-up on my device do?

    Check-up scans all the different security & privacy areas on your phone to ensure you have enabled all the enhanced features provided by Mobile Data Security and that your phone is in shape for top performance. For example, it reminds you to back up your contacts or update your phone with the latest virus database.

  22. What is anti-eavesdropping?

    The anti-eavesdropping feature prevents eavesdropping apps that have been installed on your device unknowingly, from listening in to your phone conversations.

  23. What does the Optimize button do?

    The Optimize button closes apps that are running in the background, saving your battery and improving your phone's overall performance. Optimization can be used to close processes running in the background to free up memory and solve problems such as slow reaction and crash. Application manager shows all apps (including system apps) that have been installed on your phone. You can click an app to view its details such as security level, function description, comments and ratings from other users, and access rights of the app; you may also uninstall or comment/rate the app.

  24. What is the Application Manager?

    This shows all third party applications that can be uninstalled. Not all applications are listed such as ones that are preloaded or uninstallable by the manufacturer.