International Services FAQs

  1. 1) How do I obtain international dialing and messaging access?

    The International Services feature code must be added to your account in order to dial international numbers.

    Text Messaging service by U.S. Cellular must be on your account before sending an international text message.

  2. 2) How do I make an international call or text message?

    Dialing and texting internationally is simple and quick!
    Dial the international access code 011
    Dial the appropriate country code for the country you are calling
    Dial the number you are calling the same as on your home phone
    If text messaging, enter message and press "SEND"

  3. 3) To which countries can I call and send text messages?

    You can call over 200 countries and text to over 100 countries. View country list and codes or visit your local U.S. Cellular retail store or call 1-888-944-9400 (611 from your wireless phone). Country availability is subject to change. Messaging is available to certain wireless carriers' customers within a country. Please verify both country and carrier for messaging.

  4. 4) How are international calls and messaging priced?

    Each call is priced at a per minute rate for international toll, plus airtime and applicable charges and taxes.  Rates vary, based on country called.  Per minute rates only available from a customer's local U.S. Cellular home calling area. U.S. Cellular per-minute rates are subject to change.  Taxes, long distance, toll, and other charges may apply.  Other restrictions and limitations may apply.  

    International Messaging is priced the same as domestic messaging. Read more about Mobile Messaging or call 1-888-944-9400 or write to a Customer Care Representative.

  5. 5) Can I dial internationally from anywhere in the United States? How will such calls be billed?

    Yes. If you place an international call from the areas located in your home 'footprint', then the call will be billed at the U.S Cellular per minute rate for international toll, plus airtime and applicable charges and taxes. If you are roaming and place an international call with another carrier, you will have access to the countries available through that carrier. The call will be rated according to the International toll rates charged by that carrier, plus airtime and applicable roaming charges and taxes.

  6. 6) Is a call into Mexico considered an international call?

    Yes. However, if you are located in certain counties bordering Mexico, your call may be billed at a special per minute rate.

  7. 7) Can I block access to only certain countries?

    Access is available to all countries, or if blocking is requested, to no countries. Selective international access is not possible.

  8. 8) Are new countries and carriers added for International Messaging?

    Yes. Whenever a new international wireless carrier and/or country becomes available, we will update our site.