Home Phone FAQs

  1. What is the U.S. Cellular® Home Phone?

    The U.S. Cellular Home Phone device allows customers to make phone calls over the U.S. Cellular network using a corded or cordless telephone. The device provides dial tone and touch tone dialing for two telephones that are connected to its standard RJ-11 telephone jacks. Both jacks share a single Cellular Telephone Number. This device provides voice service only.

  2. Where can I purchase a U.S. Cellular Home Phone?

    You can purchase a U.S. Cellular Home Phone at any U.S. Cellular retail location, online or by calling 611 on your U.S. Cellular Mobile Device.

  3. Where can I use the Home Phone?

    The Home Phone is intended to be used within the U.S. Cellular home network coverage area. Although the device will typically be stationary, it can easily be moved when the customer changes residences. Customers will need to limit roaming outside of U.S. Cellular’s licensed markets to remain within the Terms and Conditions of their agreement.

  4. What calling features are available with U.S. Cellular Home phone?

    The wireless Home Phone includes many calling features: voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, E911 and three-way calling. Plug your existing corded or cordless phone into this base unit, and you are ready to start making calls.

  5. Can I add the U.S. Cellular Home Phone to my existing account?

    Yes, you can add a U.S. Cellular Home Phone to any existing customer account.

  6. Can I use my telephone answering machine instead of U.S. Cellular’s voice mail service with the Home Phone service?

    Yes, you may use your own answering machine or the answering machine that comes with the cord or cordless phone that is plugged into the U.S. Cellular Home Phone device. Whichever answering machine is set up to answer calls on the fewest number of rings will take the message.

  7. Is U.S. Cellular’s Home Phone compatible with my fax machine or home security systems?

    The U.S. Cellular Home Phone provides voice service only in conjunction with customer-supplied touch tone telephone. It is NOT compatible with the following devices and services:
     •  Bluetooth® headsets
     •  Collect calls
     •  Credit card terminals
     •  Dial-up or DSL internet
     •  DVRs such as DirecTV, DISH Network
     •  Fax machines
     •  Home security systems
     •  Mobile merchant machines
     •  Medical alert services
     •  PBX systems
     •  Rotary or pulse dialing phones

  8. Does U.S. Cellular’s Home phone work during a power outage?

    Yes, this device has an internal backup battery. Talk time is about 2 hours and standby time is about 36 hours, but the actual values vary with the network environment when the device is operating on battery backup.

    NOTE: Service will only be available during a power outage if the home telephone connected to the device does not rely on external AC power to operate (as is the case with most corded phones).

  9. Does 911 work on U.S. Cellular’s Home Phone Service?

    Yes, 911 services are supported with the Home Phone just as they are on any wireless device. Because the device is intended mainly for indoor use, please be prepared to provide your location to the emergency response center responsible for sending first responders (e.g., police, medical assistance, or fire) to your location. The GPS chipset embedded in the Home Phone device will work best if the device is located near a window or other exterior opening.

  10. Can I make international calls with U.S. Cellular’s Home Phone service?

    Just like our mobile phone plans, U.S. Cellular’s standard international dialing rates apply to Home Phone.

  11. What is the battery life of U.S. Cellular’s Home Phone?

    Battery: 1500mAh
    Usage Time:
    Up to 230 minutes*
    Standby Time:
    Up to 36 hours*

    Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature and frequency of data usage patterns.

  12. Does U.S. Cellular offer a cordless phone to be used with the Home Phone Device?

    Yes, U.S. Cellular offers the VTech Handset Cordless phone which is compatible with the U.S. Cellular Home Phone.