Fraud Prevention & Privacy FAQs

  1. 1) How can I protect myself from wireless phone fraud?

    Wireless phone fraud is the unauthorized use of a wireless telephone network with the intention of getting free service. This kind of fraud is a costly crime in the wireless industry.

    To help protect yourself from wireless phone fraud, please:
    —Lock your wireless phone (with a PIN code) when not in use
    —Immediately report a lost or stolen phone to U.S. Cellular
    —Look for any unusual activity on your bill
    —Report frequent wrong-number calls or hang-ups to U.S. Cellular customer service at 1-888-944-9400
    —Ask us to remove long-distance calling features if you have no need for them
    —Do not give out your electronic serial number over the phone unless you initiated the call to U.S. Cellular customer service

    Here are additional tips to help protect yourself from subscription fraud:
    —Only give out your social security number when absolutely necessary. Do not give it out over the phone
    —Do not carry extra credit cards, your social security card, birth certificate or passport in your purse or wallet, except when necessary
    —Shred or rip up preapproved credit applications before throwing them away. Do the same with bank statements, phone bills and credit card receipts
    —Get a copy of your credit report regularly, if possible, to check for any errors
    —Have your name removed from promotional lists operated by credit reporting bureaus and those who extend credit
    —Keep your wireless service agreement in a safe place

    Watch FCA Video on Account Security and Fraud Prevention

  2. 2) What should I do if I receive an unsolicited call or message on my cell phone asking for my personal information?

    Be cautious with who you provide your personal information to, especially when you receive an unsolicited call or message. It is typical for scammers to claim they are calling from a company you may do business with, such as U.S. Cellular, and create a false sense of urgency requiring you to provide personal information. Scammers are very convincing so don't be fooled. Remember, you can always call the company back at their published number to verify any legitimate call or message you received. You can call us at 1-888-944-9400 to report any incidents of these types of calls and messages or to verify the legitimacy of any calls or messages you may have received from U.S. Cellular. You should also report these incidents to the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"). For more information about phone scams and how to report them, please visit

  3. 3) What can I do to help protect my account information from being disclosed to an unauthorized party that contacts U.S. Cellular posing as me?

    At U.S. Cellular, we make every effort to protect your account information. Each account has a PIN code that must be verified before the account information is accessed. Be sure your PIN is a unique number that is not a familiar numerical combination such as a birthday, Social Security Number, or a common numerical sequence. If you forget your PIN, we have several Security Questions you can answer. Be sure your answers to these questions are not common knowledge. If you would like additional information about your account’s security, please contact Customer Service or visit your nearest retail location.

  4. 4) What red flags should I watch for that could indicate that a call or message I received may be fraudulent?

    Promises of monetary compensation or rebates to be applied towards your account are common offers used by scammers to collect your personal information. Threats that your account will be deactivated unless you provide personal information may also be a red flag.

  5. 5) Should I provide my phone's Electronic Serial Number (ESN) to a caller during an unsolicited call?

    Be suspicious if you receive an unsolicited call or message requesting your phone's ESN. Scammers may use your phone's ESN for fraudulent purposes such as to clone your phone which may result in unauthorized charges to your account. They may also attempt to use it as additional information when attempting to pose as you.

  6. 6) What if I am a possible victim of Fraud and need to dispute a U.S. Cellular bill or charges?

    If you have been made aware of a bill, or charges with U.S. Cellular that may be fraudulent, use the link below to complete the U.S. Cellular Fraud Packet.

    Please complete the steps listed and mail it to the address shown in the packet. The U.S. Cellular Fraud Management Team will review and perform an investigation into the matter.

    Download U.S. Cellular Fraud Packet (266kb PDF)