Installment Pricing FAQs

  1. 1) What is installment pricing?

    Installment Pricing gives you flexible options to spread out payments for the purchase of Smartphones, Basic Phones, and Tablets a device across available 24 or 30 month periods with a Retail Installment Contract. With a Shared Connect or Total Plan, a Smartphone device purchased with Installment Pricing gives you the ability to upgrade to a new device sooner than your Retail Installment Contract ends, after the minimum installment payments have been made (24 payments on a 30-month contract).

  2. 2) How do I qualify for installment pricing?

    Your eligibility depends on a credit check, the type of plan you choose, and your device selection. A higher down payment may be due at signing based on the credit check, and the total number of devices eligible for installment pricing may be limited in the future. Installment pricing is available on Shared Connect Plans for Smartphones, Basic Phones and Tablets.

  3. 3) Where do I go if I want to finance my next device?

    Shop for devices

  4. 4) Can I purchase a new device while I'm paying off my current one?

    The remaining balance of your current device must be paid in full prior to activating a new device with installment pricing.

  5. 5) Can I cancel service and still pay monthly installments on the device?

    For Smartphones and Basic Phones, the full amount remaining on the Retail Installment Contract must be paid at the time of cancellation. For tablets, monthly installments can continue to be paid on the device after service is cancelled.

  6. 6) Are there any fees if I pay off my device early?

    There is no penalty or fee for early payoff, just the remaining balance on the Retail Installment Contract is due.

  7. 7) Can I finance a tablet that is Wi-Fi only?

    No. A wireless service plan is required to activate a financed tablet.

  8. 8) How many devices can I purchase with installment pricing on my account?

    Maximum of 10 lines for a Shared Connect Plan. For Business customers, the maximum number of lines on Shared Connect Plans: 1GB-20GB plans: 10 lines; 25GB-60GB plans: 25 lines; 75GB-100GB plans: 50 lines; 150GB-200GB: 100 lines.