AndroidTM-Powered Phones FAQs

  1. 1) Is a Data Plan required for Android - powered Devices? What is the data limit?

    A Data Plan is required for Android - powered Smartphone devices. U.S. Cellular offers a variety of data packages, allowing you to choose a plan that meets your data usage and budget needs. Click here to estimate your monthly data usage.

  2. 2) Can Android devices be insured?

    Yes, our Android - powered phones may be covered under Device Protection+.

  3. 3) Do Android - powered devices come with stylus pens?

    Android - powered phones will not work with a normal stylus or pointing device. We do offer stylus solutions for sale in our retail stores.

  4. 4) Does Android support Adobe Flash in the browser?

    Adobe Flash support varies by device with Android 2.1 and above, depending on the device processor.

  5. 5) Will Android devices support enhanced security and password protection?

    Yes, password protection is inherent to every Android solution from U.S Cellular. Advanced enterprise level data encryption is available on some devices as well.

  6. 6) Does Android support push or pull e-mail?

    Android supports Push e-mail for Exchange mail and Gmail, and pull for other e-mail providers.

  7. 7) Do Android - powered phones have the ability to make calls, receive data in other countries? Or will they be able to use Skype and other services to make calls?

    International Roaming for voice calls is available in several countries and we also carry devices that have World Phone Capabilities, which allows you to sign up for service with a carrier abroad. Our Android - powered phones have Wi-Fi, which can be used abroad for data, including Skype, as well as other services for making international calls.

  8. 8) What is the difference between Your Navigator Deluxe and Your Navigator?

    Your Navigator Deluxe has all of the features of Your Navigator, in addition to the following features: Voice recognition, Use while phone is being used off the U.S. Cellular network, Live traffic updates (provides ETA based on speed) and Trip planning on the web.

  9. 9) How do I get applications on an Android phone? How strong is the application offering?

    Google Play comes preloaded on every Android-powered phone. Currently, there are thousands of applications available in many different categories, with new applications added each month. The growth is tremendous!

  10. 10) What is the application experience like?

    There are thousands of Free and Paid app categories to choose from, including: Videos, Books, Games, Communications, Entertainment, Finance, Health, Lifestyle, Multimedia, News & Weather, Productivity, Reference, Shopping, Social, Sports, Themes, Tools, Travel, Demo and Software Libraries.

    To learn more about available applications, simply click on the links below.

    General Application site:
    Google Play:

  11. 11) Can you run multiple apps at once?

    Yes, you can run multiple applications simultaneously; this is fundamental to all Android-powered phones. Tip: Holding down the 'Home' key on an Android phone for 3 seconds brings up the last 6 used apps that are queued for quick access.

  12. 12) Can I place a call and surf the Web at the same time?

    Only if you are connected to Wi-Fi for the data on 3G phones. 4G LTE devices offer the ability to place a call and surf the Web at the same time while on the 4G LTE network.

  13. 13) If you change the phone to Spanish, will Google Play and the applications switch to Spanish?

    The Google Play app titles and instructions will change to Spanish. Whether or not an application is available in Spanish is application - specific and requires a change in the application settings.

  14. 14) Will I need to repurchase and set up applications with a device if replaced for warranty repair?

    Applications are held in Google Play under a user's Google ID. Once you receive a new phone, the apps are stored in your Google account to re-download at no charge, as long as the application is still available for download in Google Play.

  15. 15) What AndroidTM-Powered Phones are available?

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