My Account FAQs

  1. 1) What is My Account?

    My Account is your online access to manage your wireless account providing you with the power to add or change your U.S. Cellular services, in many cases, from your smartphone or tablet. In addition you can access your monthly statements for up to 16 months, pay your bill, check your minutes and data usage, plus schedule a one-time or recurring payment. Register for My Account today.

  2. 2) Is my personal information safe?

    Yes. Protecting customer information is of the utmost priority to U.S. Cellular. We practice a variety of safeguards to protect your personal information and have established policies and programs to prevent unauthorized access to our systems. We restrict access to your personal information to only those work groups that need to know that information to perform their job function. We do not knowingly provide customer information to companies offering cell phone records for sale. And, we train our customer care representatives not to provide account information to anyone who is not authorized to access your account.

    If your personal information changes, or if you find an error on your billing statement, please notify us so we can update your information. To learn more about how your personal information is used and securely stored, read our Privacy Policy.

    Please Note: When you register your account online, you have the option to sign up to receive e-mail or text message alerts each time your account is accessed online. This will help keep you informed when your account has been accessed.

  3. 3) How do I sign up for My Account?

    Go to from a computer, tablet or smartphone and choose Log In/Register to create your My Account access. Be sure to have your U.S. Cellular® PIN, and mobile phone or connected device available.

    The PIN is the number you chose when you first activated your U.S. Cellular service. The PIN is typically used for account verification online, over the phone, or in a store. If you cannot remember your PIN, please visit your nearest retail location with a government-issued photo ID.

  4. 4) Does it cost anything to register my account?

    No. There is no cost to sign up for online account management.

  5. 5) Will I be notified when my bill is due?

    You can choose to be notified via an e-mail or text message. You can also select to be notified each time your account is accessed, when a payment has been received and when the bill is more than the maximum dollar amount you authorized to be deducted from your account when on auto-pay.

  6. 6) I have a business account with U.S.Cellular. Can I sign up for My Account?

    Yes. Business customers can sign up for online account management. However, online account management is not available for MABEL customers.

  7. 7) Can I set up automatic monthly payments?

    Yes, Log in to My Account and from the Bills & Payments tab select Manage Payment, next choose Auto Payment. You will be able to select checking account or credit card payment methods.

  8. 8) Will I still receive a paper bill each month?

    Yes. When you sign up for online account management you will continue to receive a paper statement in the mail each month. If you want to receive your statement online only, change your preference in Manage My Account. Your statements will be available for up to 16 months.

  9. 9) How do I cancel my paper bill?

    Log in to My Account; select Manage Paperless Billing from the Bills & Payments tab and click Stop Paper Bills. Please allow up to one billing cycle for the delivery method to change.

  10. 10) Do you recommend suppressing my paper bill?

    Yes. When you suppress your paper bill, not only are you helping the environment but going paperless is another thing you can do to protect your account information.

  11. 11) How do I change my notification preferences?

    Log in to My Account, then select Change Account Notification Preferences from the Profile menu.

  12. 12) How do I change my Password?

    Log in to My Account; select Change Your Password from the Profile menu. Enter your current Password and then enter a new Password.

    Passwords must be at least 7 characters long with no special characters or spaces and contain at least one lowercase letter and at least one number. A text message or email will be sent to you confirming the change to your password.

  13. 13) How do I change my Security Questions?

    Log in to My Account, select Manage Preferences and choose Change Your Security Question. A text message will be sent to your wireless phone confirming that you changed your security questions. You will not be charged for any incoming text messages from U.S. Cellular related to your online account profile.

  14. 14) Can I change my e-mail address and text messaging notification preferences?

    Yes. Go to My Account, select Manage Preferences, Change E-mail Address and Text Messaging Notification Preferences. However, for your protection, a text message notification is required to be sent for the following items:

    - When I change my password
    - When I change my security question
    - When I change my e-mail address

  15. 15) Does it cost anything for me to receive my notifications via text message?

    No. All U.S. Cellular customers receive free incoming text messages. Read more about Text Messaging.

  16. 16) I forgot my User Name and Password.

    No problem. As long as you know your cell phone number and PIN you can select "Forgot User Name or Password". You will need to enter your wireless phone number and PIN and then answer one of your Security Questions.

    If you registered your account for a data only device (such as a tablet or hotspot) you must choose the option "I don't have a wireless number" you will then enter the MEID you used when you registered for My Account.

    Your Device MEID can typically be found on the back of the device, after taking out the battery. Additionally, the MEID can often be found in the About Phone menu.

  17. 17) I cannot find my account number and I cannot remember my Security Questions. What should I do?

    If you cannot remember your Security Questions, contact Customer Care at (888) 944-9400.

  18. 18) I believe my account was accessed by someone other than an authorized user. What should I do?

    If you believe someone other than an authorized user accessed your account, call Customer Care at (888) 944-9400.