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Meet our new Byte-sized plans.

Introducing our new Shared Connect plans. Surf the web, upload photos, send e-mails—all from one pool of data shared across multiple devices.



We’re just the right size for e-mailing and downloading.


We’re enough data for hours of videoconferencing and file sharing—on one device, or a few.


Got lots of employees, doing lots of things, on lots of devices? We’re your plans.

Our Shared Connect Plans have it all.

Unlimited Talk Unlimited Text Data Tethering
With our Shared Connect Plans, you'll have the flexibility to choose how much data your business needs. And there's no need to worry about Talk, Text, or Tethering - it's all included

Data Box Opening

Get to know Data on a first-name basis.

By definition, data is a body of facts - information that can be digitally transmitted. In practice, data is having constant access to e-mail and web on your mobile device, through the U.S. Cellular network. Quite simply, data is anything-and-everything internet.

Be more specific, you say? Data is...

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When do you use data?

If you're not connected to a wireless network, and you're doing any variation of the following things, you're using data:
  • downloading
  • gaming
  • music/video
  • web surfing
  • file
  • business
  • video

What is Shared Connect?

Shared Connect is one pool of anything-and-everything internet, divided among multiple mobile devices. One person with many devices. Many people, each with one device. We've got a whole family of Bytes to fit any need. Just take your pick.

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U.S. Cellular's Shared Connect Plans
are more than just data.

  • Hello simplicity
    From education to purchase, we're here to guide you every simple step of the way.
  • Hello flexibility.
    Starter Byte or Big. Choose from a range of plans and change them at any time.
  • Goodbye worries.
    Get data limit alerts and Data Usage Controls. Boost your limit anytime, no questions asked.

    Have peace of mind by setting a monthly limit on the amount of data that can be used on each device in your account ahead of time.

So, Tell Us About Yourself.

Choose a profile to build a data plan and find the Byte that's right for you.

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Choose your Shared Connect Plan.

See all of our plans or estimate your data to receive a plan recommendation.
View All Plans or Estimate Your Data Usage

Or, get acquainted with our other plans.

Samsung Galaxy S 4

Data Only Plans

Don't need Voice or Text? If you just want a Shared Connect Plan for things like e-mail and Internet access, we've got the plan you need.

Learn More

Talk & Text Only Plans

Looking to keep it simple? Our plans that just include Talk & Text Only may be the perfect solution for your business.

Learn More

26+ Line Plans

For more information about Pooled Business Plans with more than 25 lines, please contact a Business Support Specialist at 1-866-USC-4BIZ (1-866-872-4249).



Meet your Data Estimator.

Calculate How Much Data You'll Need On A Monthly Basis.

What's your data usage?
Select your device, then tell us what you use and how much.
Scroll down to view your recommended plan.
Social Media
not social
super social
Music & Video
never ever
for minutes
for hours
for days
File Sharing
Business Apps
a few apps
some apps
lots of apps
Select a Device.
Chances are, one or more of these devices will come in handy. Add up to 10.
Select Number of Lines
Plan Total:
Your Savings:

All plans include Unlimited Talk and Text
+ $10 Off with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing signup.

Plus, no hidden Fees

  • No data overage charges
  • No monthly connection charges
  • No activation or upgrade fees
  • No ETF for service contract

Get Unlimited Data for as low as

$40/Line for 4 lines
Why Switch to U.S. Cellular?Learn More
Payment Options
Smartphone Basic Phone Tablet Router w/ voice
  • Home Phone
  • Wireless Modem
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Router
Vehicle Monitoring
2 Year Contract
1GB — 20GB
$40/mo. $30/mo. $10/mo. $30/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo.
2 Year Contract
25GB — 200GB
$35/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo. $30/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo.
Installment Pricing
1GB — 6GB
$20/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo. N/A N/A N/A
Installment Pricing
10GB — 200GB
$15/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo. N/A N/A N/A
Undecided Boxes

Not sure how much data you need?

We can help estimate how much data your business needs, and give you a plan recommendation.
Estimate Your Data Usage

*All devices require a connection charge, in addition to plan cost.

Payment Options
Smartphone Basic Phone Tablet Router w/ voice
  • Home Phone
  • Wireless Modem
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Router
Vehicle Monitoring
2 Year Contract
All Data Levels
$40/mo. $30/mo. $10/mo. $30/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo.
Installment Pricing
300MB — 6GB
$20/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo. N/A N/A N/A
Installment Pricing
8GB — 75GB
$10/mo. $20/mo. $10/mo. N/A N/A N/A
Undecided Boxes

Not sure how much data you need?

We can help estimate how much data your business needs, and give you a plan recommendation.
Estimate Your Data Usage
$ 50 00 /mo.
Connection Charge*
Profile Name
Profile Description
Check Mark
Single Line Plan
Unlimited Messaging
Daily Data
$ 10 00
Per Month
Select Number of Lines
Add Lines:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Selected Plan Cost:
line line
Additional Line Cost:
$ 0 00 . permonth
Total Plan Cost: $ 100T . permonth
What can I get with reward points?
Get the free rewards you deserve: New phones faster, free phones, free accessories and much more.
Rewards Icon

No New Contract After The First Contract
Other wireless carriers make you sign a new contract every time you're ready for a new phone. But we're different. You'll only sign one contract to start and you won't have to sign another contract again — even when you want a new device at a discounted price.
Contract Icon
Free Incoming Calls, Text, Pix and Video Messages
Only we give you all your incoming calls and messages from anyone on any phone for free. So nearly half the time spent on your phone is free.
Free Incoming Icon
Relief From Overage Charges
No one likes finding surprises on their bill. That's why we automatically include free Overage Protection. You'll receive text alerts on your phone to let you know when you're getting close to your monthly limit for voice minutes.
Overage Relief Icon
Up To 5% Savings Every MonthSteps To 5% Discount

If you like keeping a little extra money in your pocket, sign up for Auto Pay and Paperless Billing. Pay your bill automatically from a credit card or debit card to earn 3% off your monthly plan charges every month. Better yet, pay through your checking account for a 5% discount every month.

Things We Want You To Know (Disclaimer)

Award-Winning National Network
At U.S. Cellular, we believe in keeping you connected to your world, your way. That's why we built an award-winning network with the highest call quality and customer satisfaction of any national carrier.
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Send and receive an unlimited number of text, picture and video messages each month

What Is Tethering?

With tethering from U.S. Cellular, you can use your Smartphone as a modem to access the Internet from your PC or Tablet.

Tethering Icon

Overage Cap puts a limit on how much you're charged for an overage. If you go over your minutes on a Single Line Plan, you'll never pay more than $50 in voice overage charges for those minutes. If you go over your minutes on a Family Plan, the maximum overage charge is $150.

Send & receive text-only emails; send & receive attachments.
Update your status w/photos; download & upload video.
Stream music; stream video on 3G; stream HD video on 4G.
Visit webpages; download apps; download games, songs & e-books.
Download and play in multi-player game mode.
Business Apps
File Sharing Apps
Video Conferencing Apps
This feature does not require data configuration.

For a limited time sign up for this Shared Connect plan and save 25% on your monthly charge through the end of 2013.

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Device Fees Device Fees

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