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Things We Want You To Know

The map shows an approximation of service coverage. Actual coverage may vary. Service may be interrupted or limited due to weather, terrain, customer equipment or network limitations. Coverage indoors may also vary. U.S. Cellular does not guarantee coverage.

Discover the Difference: 15-Day Guarantee - Act. fee is not refundable. Phone must be returned undamaged in the original packaging. See store for details or visit Limited time offer.

Prepaid Wireless: In order to receive plan benefits and avoid service interruption, the monthly charge must be paid before the due date. Prepaid benefits are valid and available for one billing cycle (approximately one month). Directory assistance and international calls require additional account funds to complete calls.

Unlimited Voice is provided solely for live dialog between two persons. Unlimited Voice may not be used for conference calling, call forwarding or other connections that do not consist of uninterrupted live dialog between two persons.

Text Messaging: U.S. Cellular does not guarantee message delivery or timeliness. 150-character limit per message. U.S. Cellular is not responsible for content of messages. Txt messages are billed per address. By using Txt Messaging you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions at

Picture and Video Messaging requires U.S. Cellular-approved phone and usage plan. Pix and Video Messaging not available in all areas. You may be charged for Pix and Video Messages sent from your phone, even if not delivered to the intended recipient due to system or compatibility issues. Pix and Video Messages area billed per address. U.S. Cellular is not responsible for content of pictures or videos.

No Contract Data Speed: Full applicable data speeds apply for the high speed allotment defined by your plan. Data speeds shall be slowed to 1x thereafter for the remainder of the billing cycle. No high speed data applied for basic phone plans.

No Contract Data is only available on certain phones. U.S. Cellular reserves the right to terminate your service if more than 400 MB of your data usage in any month is used in U.S. Cellular's non-licensed markets. Application charges may apply when accessing applications. Customer must have a positive account balance in order to purchase applications. Not all applications are available for purchase by No Contract Data customers. Not all phones support all applications. See store for details or visit

Mobile Broadband on 3G Network only available with select handsets. Users can expect an average download speed of 768 Kbps and an average upload speed of 200 Kbps.

Device Protection+: A plan provided and administered by the Assurant Solutions companies. Limitations and exclusions apply. For complete details visit, call 1-800-480-0167 or see an associate for a Device Protection+ brochure. Companies providing Device Protection+ all operate under the trade name Assurant Solutions.

All other products, trademarks, trade names or service names are property of their respective owner.

Limited time offer, prices subject to change.

$10 Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico and Canada: Ready Connect Prepaid plan required plus $10 available funds over plan cost before due date. Unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada only applies to calls placed from U.S. Cellular's licensed market areas. Roaming calls may incur additional charges based on rates and availability of local wireless carrier. Additional per minute charges will apply to International calls to countries other than Mexico and Canada. Additional charges for roaming calls or per minute rates for calls to other countries, including taxes and fees, may be debited from any available funds on your account. Airtime, taxes, long distance, tolls and other charges may apply. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. See "Things we want you to know." Offers valid at participating locations only and cannot be combined. See store or for details.

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