Earn And Redeem Reward Points
Rewards Program
Get more from your wireless company.

Whether you're new to U.S. Cellular® or a long time customer, signing up for a rewards-eligible plan means you can start earning points towards a variety of phones, accessories and more with our Rewards Program.

You can also use Reward Points to get free phones in as little as 13 Months, compared to up to two years with competitors.

Free phones faster, accessories, ringtones and more.
Current Customers

If you are an existing U.S. Cellular Customer, switching to a rewards-eligible plan means:

Benefiting from all of the advantages of these new plans

Your current contract length does not change

You will start to earn points every month to use for a variety of rewards

Earn Points
See how you can rack up reward points.
Ways to Earn Points
Sign Up For My Account For a limited time, earn a bonus of 2,000 reward points per line when you register to manage your account online through My Account within 14 days of:
  • Switching to a rewards-eligible plan (from a plan that did not offer reward points); or
  • Activating a new line of service on a rewards-eligible plan.

Note: Only new lines of service activated between 10/19/12 – 11/18/12 qualify to receive this bonus.

New Customer Activations
Points are awarded within 14 days of registering for My Account. Registration must occur within 14 days of activation.
(You must login within 24 hours after registering to activate My Account.)

Existing Customers Adding a New Line
If you are already registered in My Account on a rewards-eligible plan, you will receive your points within 14 days of activation.
Rewards Plan You'll earn points each month just for being on a Rewrds plan. View our Plans page to see how many points each plan earns.
Refer a Friend You'll earn 4,000 points when someone you referred to U.S. Cellular signs up for new service and registers in My Account. That person will also earn $50 in bill credit for their own account.
Attend A Device Workshop You'll earn 250 points for taking part in a device workshop at one of our stores. Bring a friend who's currently with another wireless provider and earn an additional 500 points.
Membership Tenure You'll earn a tenure bonus of 150 points every six months just for staying on your Belief plan. After 3 years of membership, this bonus increases to 200 points every six months. Business customers can earn even more.
Download Daily Perks You'll earn 50 points when you download our Daily Perks App and answer 3 customization questions.
Birthday Bonus You'll earn 50 points just for having a birthday while you're a U.S. Cellular customer.
Phone Upgrade Accelerator 
Redeem your reward points to get the hottest new phones even faster.

The more reward points you earn, the quicker you can upgrade your phone. Redeem your reward points for a Phone Upgrade Accelerator and get a new device in as little as 13 months (1,300 Reward Points = 1 Month off the standard upgrade time)

Get to the finish line quicker with U.S. Cellular: Move the Time slider to see how quickly you'll get to a new phone upgrade with one of our rewards-eligible plans when you sign up today. Compare that to the competition.

Select A Plan Type:

Move the slider:

Redeem Points
Here are some of the rewards you can get with your points.
The full rewards catalog is available when you manage your account online.

Rewards Catalog
Ways to Redeem Points
Phones, Tablets and Modems for a penny Redeem your points for new devices. From sleek feature phones to amazing Android-powered devices, you can choose from the wide selection available at U.S. Cellular.
Free Add-A-Lines Want to add someone to your calling plan? No problem. You can redeem reward points to put additional lines on your account and get the first month free. It's a great way to keep everyone together - and keep your wireless bill on budget.
  • Everyone shares the same amount of minutes
  • One easy-to-manage bill every month
  • All lines get Free Incoming Calls, Texts and Pix
Accessories for a penny Use your points to get cool and useful new accessories for your phone.
Free phones faster Everyone loves a new phone. So now when you see a phone you like, you can get it a whole lot faster with reward points (the standard U.S. Cellular upgrade time without points is 22 months). Plus, when you upgrade your phone you won't have to sign a new contract.
Ringtones, Ringbacks, and Ringback Radio Station Subscriptions Choose from thousands of popular tones to add to your phone. It's easy to change your tune with over 120,000 tones in Tone Room Deluxe. You'll always find the hits from today's hottest artists.
Overage Forgiveness Did you use too many minutes, send too many texts or exceed your data limit? No worries. You can redeem points to eliminate charges from overages.
Voice Mail to Text Redeem your reward points and enjoy one free month of Voice Mail to Text. Voice Mail to Text converts your Voice Mail messages to text messages and/or e-mails. It's a convenient technology that's perfect for anyone who wants to discreetly and easily check and respond to Voice Mail.

To redeem points with an eligible plan, log into My Account, visit your nearest store, or call 1-888-BUY-USCC.