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No New Contract After The First Contract 

  1. I am a current customer, and am under contract. Do I need to sign another 2-year contract when I migrate to a new Rewards Plan?
    No, you would finish out your 2-year commitment and you won't have to sign another contract. You would also be eligible for promotional pricing on a new handset every 22 months, or even earlier with a Rewards Plan.
  2. I am a current customer who has already fulfilled my 2-year contract, and now I am month-to-month. Do I need to sign another 2-year contract when I migrate to a new Rewards Plan?
    No, you have met the No New Contract After The First Contract requirement. You would also be eligible to upgrade your phone at a promotional price every 22 months, or even earlier with Rewards points, without signing a new contract.
  3. I am a current customer on a family plan and I would like to add another line. Do I need to sign a 2-year contract for this new line?
    Yes, the new line must sign an initial two-year commitment and you won't have to sign another contract. The new line would also be eligible for promotional pricing on a new handset every 22 months, or even earlier with Rewards points.
  4. If I am a new customer and would like to sign up for a new Rewards Plan, do I have to sign a 2-year contract?
    Yes, you would have to sign an initial two-year commitment and you won't have to sign another contract. The new line would also be eligible for promotional pricing on a new handset every 22 months, or even earlier with Rewards points.

Rewards Program 

  1. What are Rewards points?
    As a U.S. Cellular® customer, you can join the industry's first rewards program with points to get things like new phones, faster upgrades, accessories, ringtones and more. It's absolutely free, and it's our way of saying thank you for believing in something better. There is no fee to join and no expirations on your points.
  2. What can I get with Rewards points?
    You'll have complete control of how to use your points, so you can reward yourself with what matters to you.
    • Faster phone upgrades
    • Phones for a penny
    • Tablets for a penny
    • Accessories for a penny
    • Ringtones & ringback tones
    • First month free service on Add-A-Lines
    • Overage Forgiveness
  3. How can I earn Rewards points?
    You'll earn Rewards points for doing exactly what you're doing now: being a U.S. Cellular customer.

    The longer you're a customer, the more points you'll earn.
    • Earn points each month based on the Rewards Plan you're on (amount varies with plan)
    • Earn points every 6 months just for being on a Rewards plan
    • Earn points based on the number of additional lines you have on your account

    You'll also earn points for:

    • Referring your friends and colleagues to U.S. Cellular
    • Using Daily Perks
    • Having a birthday while being a U.S. Cellular customer
  4. How do I redeem my Rewards points?
    You can keep track of your points and rewards on your My Account page right here on uscellular.com/myaccount. Using My Account is the only way to become eligible to redeem your points, so if you haven't registered for My Account yet, please do so. After registering, you'll be able to redeem your points online, over the phone, or at a U.S. Cellular store.

Overage Protection 

  1. What is Overage Protection?
    Overage Protection is an optional program that provides you with a Text Message alert prior to the close of your bill cycle to notify you that overage charges may be incurred.
  2. What types of usage are monitored with Overage Protection?
    You can select to monitor the minutes on your plan, your Text Messages included in your Text Plan or both.
  3. How does Overage Protection work?
    On a nightly basis U.S. Cellular automatically calculates the number of minutes or Text Messages used compared to the included voice minutes or Text Messages in your monthly plan. If your usage exceeds the Overage Protection thresholds (75% and 100%), we will send a Text Message alert to your selected handset(s) indicating a threshold has been met or exceeded. You are then in control to decide what action, if any, to take. Of course, you may always stop in to a local store or call 611 from your wireless phones for assistance.
  4. How do I enroll in Overage Protection?
    New and current customers can sign up for Overage Protection by visiting one of our retail locations, calling Customer Service (611 ) or online through My Account. New customers who activate on-line can enroll in Overage Protection by selecting that feature during the purchasing process. Customers must have an existing My Account profile or will need to establish one in order to enroll in Overage Protection through My Account. Please note that there may be up to a 72 hour delay before Overage Protection takes effect.

Overage Cap 

  1. What is Overage Cap?
    Overage Cap puts a limit on how much you're charged for an overage. If you go over your minutes on a Single Line Plan, you'll never pay more than $50 in voice overage charges for those minutes. If you go over your minutes on a Family Plan, the maximum overage charge is $150.
  2. What types of usage apply to Overage Cap?
    Overage Cap only applies to minutes. It does not apply to data usage or text, picture, and video messages.
  3. What plans are eligible for Overage Cap?
    Overage Cap is available on all Single Line and Family Rewards Plans with limited minutes.

Overage Forgiveness 

  1. What is Overage Forgiveness?
    Overage Forgiveness lets you use points to waive charges related to overages on your bill.
  2. What items are not included in the Overage Forgiveness Credit?
    The following fees and charges do not apply: Wireless Modem Usage, International Toll, PSMS Charges, Tone Room Charges, Application Charges, Directory Assistance, International Roaming (Airtime, Toll, Roamer Surcharges and fees in areas outside of the 50 United States), Monthly Recurring Charges, Equipment Charges, One Time Charges and Taxes.
  3. What plans are eligible for Overage Forgiveness?
    Overage Forgiveness is available on all Single Line Rewards Plans, Family Rewards plans, and National Business Shared Plans.

Simplified Plans 

  1. Are all Rewards Plans National Plans?
    Yes, all Rewards Plans are National Plans, and include national calling and coverage for Voice and national 3G data coverage. Our Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) Coverage Area on Rewards Plans is also national, so customers on these plans can take full advantage of this airtime feature. Customers must live within (and have a majority of usage within) the U.S. Cellular licensed market footprint.
  2. What if I don't need messaging or data across all lines on my Family Rewards Plan?
    To continue providing you with flexibility and the services that meet your needs, we understand you may want certain messaging or data features on some but not all lines on your Rewards Plan.

    Unlimited Messaging can be added to individual lines on Family Plans for $20/month per line if you prefer not taking a bundled plan that includes Unlimited Messaging across all lines.

    Data plans are offered at the individual line level, ranging from 100MB to 10GB per month. Both Smartphones and feature phones have 5 plans to choose from. To get started on building your plan, please visit our Plans Page.
  3. Do Smartphones require Data Plans?
    Yes, every BlackBerry®, Windows® Phone, AndroidTM-powered phone, or a device with the current Premium Mobile Internet Plan will need to be on one of our 5 Smartphone data plans. To learn more, please visit our Plans Page.
  4. Do the Rewards Plans include calls to Puerto Rico?
    Yes, the Rewards Plans include toll-free dialing to Puerto Rico phone numbers. If traveling within Puerto Rico, appropriate roaming charges will apply.
  5. What if I want to stay on my current plan that isn't a Rewards Plan?
    You can stay on your current voice plan, and still have the flexibility to add or remove lines on family plans, and you will still be able to add features such as messaging and data packages to your voice plan. If you stay on your existing plan, your lines will also continue to be eligible for phone upgrades at promotional pricing every 24 months (with a 2 year agreement).

    Only the Rewards Plans carry benefits such as No New Contract After The First Contract, the Rewards Program, Online Auto-Pay Discount, Overage Cap on your voice minutes, as well as other unique U.S. Cellular benefits. However, you can continue on your existing plan and still take advantage of other benefits such as Overage Protection, My Contacts Backup, and Battery Swap.

    To learn more about your messaging, data and add-a-line options on an existing plan that isn't a Rewards Plan, log into My Account, visit your local U.S. Cellular store or call Customer Service at 1-888-944-9400.

Battery Swap 

  1. What is Battery Swap?
    Battery Swap is a special program just for U.S. Cellular customers - you can swap your current battery for one that is fully charged - at no cost. We understand that your phone is important. Swapping your battery is one of the ways we can keep you connected.
  2. How do I know if I can swap my battery?
    To be eligible to swap your current battery, you must be in possession of an eligible U.S. Cellular handset and the phone must currently be active (unsuspended) on a U.S. Cellular account.
  3. What do I need to have with me when I stop into a store to check eligibility or swap my battery?
    You will need to have a U.S. Cellular handset with you. The associate will confirm that the handset is listed on the Eligible Handset List and will also verify that the handset is the current phone being used on an active (unsuspended) line. The associate will ask for a photo ID as part of the transaction.
  4. How many swaps can I do? Is there a limit?
    The maximum number of swaps is 4 per calendar year. If you request 4 or more in a year, the associate may give you tips to conserve the battery charge, make sure your device is operating efficiently or suggest the purchase of a charger.

Online Auto-Pay Discount 

  1. How do I sign up for the 3% or 5% discount?
    Earning the 3% or 5% discount is easy. All you have to do is be on a Rewards Plan, sign up for Auto Pay and Paperless Billing in My Account, and pay your bill in full. You'll get a monthly discount off the monthly charge for your Rewards plan (including additional line charges) for signing up for autopayment and paperless billing. Discount does not apply to any additional add on charges. Use a credit card or debit card to earn 3% off these charges. Better yet, pay through your checking account for a 5% discount.
  2. How do I keep earning the discount?
    You will earn the discount every month that you are enrolled and meet all of the requirements.
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