Go Green With Paperless Billing

Go Paperless

Register your U.S. Cellular® account online with My Account and go green by enrolling in paperless billing. It's easy, secure and helps the environment.


Save Time and Money

View your bill online and pay in seconds. No more paper clutter, stamps or checks to write.

Enrolling is Easy and Convenient

Registration is easy and free. Manage your account online anytime, anywhere. Automatic payments can save you even more time and eliminate late payments.

Simplify Bill Management

View your statements online for up to 16 months or print out bills for your convenience. Text and email alerts can be personalized to notify you of account activity.

Secure your Personal Information

We utilize the latest security methods to ensure that your information is safe and secure. Almost 85 percent of identity thefts occur "offline" due to lost checkbooks, stolen bills, statements, and paper checks.*

* Source:

Help the Environment

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving trees and conserving energy. Enrolling in paperless billing through My Account is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.