Current Customers

How To Read Your Bill

It can get confusing. Sorting out the calls you've made, the features you've signed up for, not to mention who used your phone to check their horoscope. That's where U.S. Cellular® can help make reading your statement easier.

Below are links to each section of a sample bill. For more information, read our Billing FAQs. If you have questions, dial 611 from your wireless phone (always a free call), and we'll go over your bill with you. It's our way of being there for you.

Tips For Prompt Bill Payment

Your assistance will help ensure that your payment is posted quickly and correctly to your account. To view and pay your bill on-line, register your account through My Account.

  • Locate the due date on page one of your bill.
  • Return the bottom portion (REMITTANCE portion) of the first page of your bill with your payment for the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE using the envelope provided. If you made a payment that is not reflected on your bill, please deduct that amount from TOTAL AMOUNT DUE.
  • Write your account and wireless phone numbers on your check or money order.
  • If you're paying for multiple accounts, attach the remittance portion of each bill to ensure that every account is properly credited.