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BlackBerry® E-mail Solutions

Whether you're an individual, a small business owner or the decision maker at a large enterprise, BlackBerry is the best solution for wireless e-mail. Individuals and business owners without an IT department or who have e-mail access through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can take advantage of the BlackBerry Internet Service™ to constantly connect to their e-mail. Businesses hosting Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus® Domino® or Novell® GroupWise® should consider the additional functionality and benefits a BlackBerry Enterprise Server® provides to meet your wireless data connection needs.

With either a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or the BlackBerry Internet Service, the BlackBerry Wireless Solution from U.S. Cellular® will help individuals and businesses stay connected, informed and organized.

BlackBerry Internet Service™ 

Individuals and small businesses can choose BlackBerry Internet Service™ to get wireless access to communications and information with no server software, solution outsourcing or IT resources required. If you currently have your e-mail through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and require access to your POP3 e-mail, this solution is for you.

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BlackBerry BIS Diagram
Features & Benefits
  • Integrate up to 10 POP3 e-mail accounts including Yahoo!®, MSN, AOL®, or Internet Service Provider (ISP) e-mail accounts*
  • Option to create a new personal e-mail account ''
  • No inbox storage limit
  • 128-bit encryption
* Contact your e-mail provider. Additional charges may apply to forward POP3 e-mail to your wireless handheld.

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution™ 

BlackBerry Enterprise Server® software is designed to provide IT departments with simplified management and centralized control of BlackBerry devices. If your organization requires secure access to corporate e-mail systems and the ability to wirelessly synchronize calendar and address book information with Lotus® Domino®, Microsoft® Exchange or Novell® GroupWise®, this solution is for you. There is no need to carry a separate PDA or wireless phone.

Feature Technical Benefits Business Benefits
Wireless E-mail Synchronization Seamless integration with existing enterprise e-mail accounts Instant connection to colleagues and customers through e-mail communication channel
Attachment Viewing Users can view popular document formats (Excel, Word®, PowerPoint®, Adobe® PDF, WordPerfect®, ASCII, ZIP and image files) Ability to scan important attachments remotely
Wireless Organizer Synchronization Personal Information Management (PIM) is updated wirelessly between the device and the messaging server Instantly up-to-date with changes to busy schedule. Confidence in personal schedule while remote.
Remote Address Backup Search and interact with their global address list Confidence in always having updated contact information
Wireless Backup Automatically backup users' device settings and preferences Confidence to backup remotely and wirelessly
Wireless IT Policies Administer and control passwords and other controls wirelessly Promotes centralized, seamless administration of BlackBerry Handhelds
Data Encryption All incoming and outgoing wireless data encrypted and decrypted by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Confidently send sensitive e-mail messages without the fear of it being compromised.
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Diagram
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If your business requires a BlackBerry Enterprise Server® solution, contact our dedicated business service line at:

1-866-USC-4BIZ (1-866-872-4249)
M - F, 8AM - 9PM


Note: Example shown is based on Microsoft® Exchange. BlackBerry Enterprise Server® supports Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus® Domino®, or Novell® GroupWise® e-mail systems.

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