Other Plans

Other Plans

Lifeline Calling Plans

The Lifeline Calling Plans/Lifeline discounts are available to residents in states where U.S. Cellular® is an eligible telecommunications carrier. To purchase the Lifeline Calling Plan or receive Lifeline discounts, you must qualify according to federal poverty guidelines and reside within U.S. Cellular's ETC coverage area based on the zip code of your home address.


Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Plans

These messaging-only plans are designed for the deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who want to use messaging as their primary way to communicate. Voice minutes are not included, so you only pay for the minutes you use.


Maine Home Area Plans

The Maine Home Area Plans are only available to customers who reside in the state of Maine. With these plans, calls originating within the local calling zone and made to the 207 area code are unlimited. Calls originating outside of the local calling zone will be assessed a roaming charge.

Maine Home Area Plans Map