Voice Mail to Text

Have you ever read your voice mail? Now you can.

A great service that converts your voice mails to text messages and / or emails. It's one of the most convenient technologies available, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to discreetly and easily check and respond to voice mail.

Voice Mail to Text has many benefits, including:

  • SMS and / or email delivery of your voice messages
  • No need to enter PINs, listen to rambling messages or scramble to write down info on the go
  • Provides digital copies of all your voice mails. For customers who choose email delivery, a .wav file attachment will be provided with the audio for every transcription. Customers can simply open the attachment and listen to the message. This makes archiving voice mail messages much easier
  • Totally secure and extremely easy to use

Because the Voice Mail to Text service is fully automated, accuracy may be affected by background noise, audio quality, and speech patterns. But customers still find this service very useful because you can quickly access who called, why they called and take action.

Who will benefit most from voice mail to text?

From your wireless device:

  • Anyone who wants the convenience of being able to retrieve their voice mail via text, email or both and take immediate action wherever they are, without any interruption to their busy lives
  • Active individuals balancing things like school, work, family, and eventful social lives

Give Voice Mail to Text a try

Try our Voice Mail to Text RISKFREE for 30 days. If you like it, keep it for just $2.99/mo. plus applicable taxes. You can cancel any time.

Try it once, and you'll love it. To start your trial, call customer service by dialing #611 from your cell phone.

By activating service, customer agrees to be bound by the Voice Mail to Text service Terms and Conditions