Things we want you to know

Prices listed are per line/month for all lines after Auto Pay/Paperless Billing discount.

Auto Pay/Paperless Billing: Discount requires My Account, paperless billing and payment via bank account or debit card only. Customer may activate Auto Pay/Paperless Billing discount via My Account on To qualify for the Auto Pay discount for the current billing cycle, the account balance must be paid in full by the original due date.

Data Usage: 50GB of prioritized data is included on the Unlimited Data-Everyday 3.0 plan or as a purchased an Add-on on the Unlimited Data-Basic 3.0 plan. During times of congestion data may be temporarily slowed. Once the Unlimited Data-Everyday 3.0 plan or the Unlimited Data-Basic 3.0 plan Add-on reaches 50GB of usage in a billing cycle, data may be temporarily slowed further in times of congestion. The Unlimited Data-Even Better 3.0 plan includes unlimited prioritized data. During times of congestion data may be temporarily slowed.

Streaming: SD = 480p, HD = 720p, Full HD = 1080p, Ultra-High Definition (UHD) = 4K

Roaming in Mexico & Canada: Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Everyday and Unlimited Even Better plans include unlimited talk, text, and LTE data. A 5G capable device is required to experience.

5G: 5G coverage not available in all areas. See for details.

Call Guardian: We respect your privacy; Call Guardian does not collect your contacts or access your call logs. Customers who prefer to opt-out of call-blocking service can call 888-944-9400 or visit their local UScellular store. Taxes, fees, and terms apply. You may cancel anytime through the Call Guardian app.

Fees: See for details.

For more information about plans, see for additional details including obligations to serve Kansas customers. ©2023 UScellular