World Phone

Going Global with U.S. Cellular®

Whether you're traveling internationally for work or pleasure, you want access to mobile services wherever you go. With a World Phone capable smartphone from U.S. Cellular®, it's easy to stay connected around the world.

Step 1

Select a World Phone capable smartphone from U.S. Cellular.

Step 2

When you travel internationally, purchase a prepaid GSM SIM card from a wireless carrier in your destination country. These prepaid cards can often be found at a kiosk in the airport or at a local wireless carrier's store. Some wireless carriers refer to these services as 'SIM only plans'.

Step 3

Insert the GSM SIM card into your smartphone. After you insert the SIM card, you will be able to make calls with your device. You will also be able to send text messages and access the internet if the GSM SIM card that you've purchased supports these features. You can also make use of Wi-Fi hotspots often found in hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops to access the internet.

Select a World Phone capable smartphone from U.S. Cellular.
World Phone

Things you should know about using World Phone

  • After you install a GSM SIM card in in your smartphone at your international destination, your device will be assigned a new mobile number by the GSM SIM card. Let your contacts know your new international mobile number so they can reach you. Please also advise them that they could incur additional charges when calling your international mobile number and to consult their local service provider for international calling rates.
  • Your U.S. Cellular mobile number and account will remain active while you are traveling internationally. Any incoming calls to your U.S. Cellular mobile number will route to your U.S. Cellular voice mail box. If you are an iPhone user, your visual voice mail messages will be held by the U.S. Cellular network and delivered to your iPhone when you return to the United States.
  • Service and support for international mobile services are provided by the service provider from which the GSM SIM card was purchased. U.S. Cellular does not provide or guarantee these services.


  1. 1) What is a GSM SIM card and why is it required to use my World Phone capable smartphone internationally?

    The GSM SIM card holds all of the mobile subscriber's personal information and phone settings. It also holds the GSM mobile number, personal security key and other info necessary for your smartphone to function on an international network.

  2. 2) Will features like call waiting, voice mail and text messaging work when using a pre-paid GSM SIM card?

    The availability of these services varies by international mobile carrier; check with your GSM SIM card provider to determine which calling features are supported in your destination country. U.S. Cellular does not guarantee the availability of these services when traveling internationally.

  3. 3) When using a pre-paid GSM SIM card, will I be able to use my U.S. Cellular mobile number?

    No. The mobile number of your smartphone will change to match the mobile number assigned to the pre-paid GSM SIM card that you have purchased.

  4. 4) Can I enable World Phone capability by using a prepaid SIM card from a GSM service provider that operates in the United States?

    No. Prepaid SIM cards for GSM networks that operate in the United States will not provide World Phone capability.

  5. 5) If I install a SIM card will I be able to use my World Phone capable device on a GSM network in the United States?

    No. World Phone capability works only on international GSM networks.

  6. 6) I have an iPhone that I purchased from U.S. Cellular; does it need to be unlocked by U.S. Cellular before I use it as a World Phone?

    No. An iPhone purchased from U.S. Cellular does not need to be unlocked by U.S. Cellular for use as a World Phone.

  7. 7) If my U.S. Cellular 4G LTE smartphone is World Phone capable, does my 4G LTE SIM card provide World Phone service?

    No. The 4G LTE SIM card must be removed and replaced with a GSM SIM card at your international destination. Be sure to store your 4G LTE SIM card for safekeeping so that you can re-insert it into your smartphone when you return to the United States.