Dear Customer,

We previously notified you about an upcoming 3G network shutdown that will cause the 3G Home Phone(s) on your account to stop working.

Our 3G network will shut down by the end of 2023. You MUST replace your current Home Phone with a newer one immediately or you will lose service completely.

To Keep You Connected ‐ We Have a Penny Home Phone Waiting for You

If you do not update your current Home Phone, you will lose:

  • Service by (or before) the end of 2023 which includes 911 calls
  • Your current home phone number

To receive your new Home Phone, please contact us at 800-455-8521 or visit your local UScellular® store and we will assist you. To save time, make an appointment at

Thank you for being a part of the UScellular community. You're not just a customer ‐ you're a neighbor too.


Your UScellular Customer Service Team