Wireless Priority Services (WPS)

Wireless Priority Service (WPS) provides approved organizations and emergency agencies the ability to place wireless calls when there is heavy network traffic due to a high level of activity at one time. National Security and Emergency Preparedness calls will be queued and given priority treatment to establish continuity of operations and government. Data services are not part of WPS.

WPS helps ensure the preparedness of the nation to prevent, respond to, and recover from threats, domestic attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies.

Who is eligible?

Enrollment in the WPS program is restricted to select users who support NS/EP activities, traditionally those with command and control functions that are critical to management of and response to national security and emergency situations, particularly during the first 24 to 72 hours following an event. WPS supports critical continuity of government and continuity of operations.


Why should I enroll?

WPS users rely on cellular communications to perform critical functions, including those areas related to leadership, safety, maintenance of law and order, finance, and public health. Acts of terrorism, including cyber-attacks, natural disasters, power outages, and software problems can cripple the telephone services of an entire region. Congestion alone can prevent access to circuits. WPS can be extremely beneficial during an emergency in which the public telecommunications networks are degraded by congestion or damage to the infrastructure.


Where can I get additional information?



Please contact the DHS Priority Telecommunications Service Center at 866-627-2255 or 703-676-2255, via email at WPS@HQ.DHS.GOV, or visit


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If you have any questions about GETS, WPS, or your account, please contact the DHS Priority Telecommunications Service Center — 866-627-2255 or