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Did you know you can bring your own phone or tablet when you switch? It's easy. Place your order online or take your compatible device to a U.S. Cellular® store, and we'll take care of the rest.

Is your Smartphone or Tablet Compatible?

Enter your IMEI number or look-up by make and model to see if your device works on our network.

Here are three ways to find your IMEI number:

  • Check the original packaging of the device, the IMEI is printed on the label
  • On many devices the IMEI can be retrieved by dialing *#06# on the keypad
  • Most devices have the IMEI in the Settings menu under General or About Device


Your device works on the U.S. Cellular wireless network.


iPhone 7 (BYOD)

IMEI: Remove

SIM Card Kit

$ 0.10

Your device will require a new U.S. Cellular sim card to function.


Your device is not compatible with our network and will need to be replaced to join our network. Please check out the latest trade-in offers below.


If your device isn't compatible with our network, you can easily trade it for a check or Promo Card that can be used for something new.

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Bring Your Own Device FAQ

  • How do I get started with BYOD on U.S. Cellular?

    First, validate that the device is compatible with the U.S. Cellular Network. Then, verify that your compatible device is unlocked by contacting your current carrier before cancelling your existing service. U.S. Cellular is unable to unlock devices from other carriers and your device must be unlocked prior to activation on the U.S. Cellular network. If your device displays a message like "SIM Not Valid" or "SIM Not Recognized," when a U.S Cellular SIM is installed into it, then your device is locked and it must be unlocked by the carrier that locked it.

  • How do I activate a BYOD device and get a SIM card?

    Once you know your BYOD device is eligible to bring on to our network, you can place your order online to have a SIM card shipped to you, or you can visit your local U.S. Cellular store for activation and a SIM card.

  • Can I keep my existing phone number?

    Yes, you can keep your existing phone number when bringing your own device to U.S. Cellular. To keep your existing number, do not cancel service with your existing carrier before activating service with U.S. Cellular. View our full list of number portability questions.

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