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U.S. Cellular® is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all of our business dealings. We will select and continue to do business with suppliers on the basis of the price, quality and timeliness of the products and services they offer. Where appropriate, however, preference may be given to reasonably priced, high-quality suppliers located in our serving areas, and to TDS business units which submit competitive bids.

U.S. Cellular will also consider establishing and maintaining multiple sources of supply to better ensure continued deliveries and reasonably priced high-quality service. U.S. Cellular welcomes the opportunity to partner with minority, women, and disabled veteran business enterprise certified vendors where such vendors are competitive on price, quality and timeliness.

We invite all suppliers to compete for our business, and in return, suppliers can expect a level playing field. We have no hidden factors in evaluating suppliers and submitted proposals - all relevant decision criteria will be spelled out in advance of soliciting a proposal.

Our employees are prohibited from accepting gifts or gratuities from our suppliers. While our rules do allow for limited exceptions for items of nominal value, the offer or acceptance of gifts is inappropriate and discouraged. Under no circumstances will our employees solicit any gift or gratuity.

U.S. Cellular reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid for any materials, products, or services submitted. Non-acceptance of any proposal will not imply any criticism of or deficiency in any proposal. Non-acceptance will mean that another approach was deemed by U.S. Cellular to be more advantageous.

The U.S. Cellular, and the TDS group of companies are committed to promoting the best interests of customers, shareholders and employees through the use of professional, ethical business practices. All TDS employees, associates and members of the board of directors are required to act ethically, honestly and in accordance with the law and our Code of Business Conduct. We encourage all Suppliers and potential Suppliers to call our Ethics Hotline at 800-589-3254 to anonymously share any comments or concerns.