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Children Learn How to Dial 911 on a Cell Phone before Summer Brea

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (May 27, 2010) — For children, knowing how to place a 911 call from a traditional home phone and a wireless phone could possibly mean the difference between life and death. The information they provide to emergency responders during a crisis is also extremely critical. That's why U.S. Cellular partnered with Morgantown E-911 officials and the Mountaineer Boys & Girls Club to teach club members about safety as part of the company's "Cellular Stars" Program.

On May 24, more than 40 children learned the difference between dialing 911 from a cell phone and a landline. They were also taught what kind of information operators need during an emergency, how the 911 system works and other safety tips.

"Summer break is just around the corner and this is a good time to reinforce cell phone safety tip. This program helps our children know just what to do if there is an emergency and they need to get help," said Dee Taylor, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in the Mid-Atlantic.

In addition, Taylor offers these safety tips for parents and guardians to share with young children:

  • Learn important numbers first – Every child should know their home phone number, their parents' cell phone numbers and 9-1-1. It's important to stress to children when and why these phone numbers are important. Act out pretend scenarios to help them prepare for an actual emergency.
  • The pretend phone game – Write down your phone number on a piece of paper. Using a toy phone or your powered down cell phone, have your child dial the number. Allowing him/her to use the cheat sheet as a reference. The goal is for you child to eventually recall the numbers by memory.
  • Practice makes perfect – Have your child repeat the phone numbers to you a couple of times a day. You can even make up a catchy tune to go with the numbers to help them remember it. Give your child "surprise" tests by having him/her repeat the numbers at various times of the day.

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