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CONCORD, N.H., August 3, 2009 – U.S. Cellular has launched 3G Mobile Broadband in the Concord area which allows customers to access data on their cell phones 10 times faster than before and at no additional cost.

With 3G speeds browsing the Web on a smartphone will be very similar to the experience on a computer, with Web pages opening faster and the added capability to send and receive large e-mail attachments. Downloads with average speeds of 768 Kbps now take less time, allowing picture and video messages to be delivered more quickly. Uploads have an average speed of 200 Kbps. The difference is like going from dial-up to DSL on your desktop.

In addition to faster Internet access on the phone, customers can visit their U.S. Cellular retail store to purchase wireless modems that bring 3G speed to their laptops, ensuring they have options to stay connected while traveling around the U.S. or just across town.

"Our customers are used to high-speed connections at home and now we are bringing that experience to them on the go," said Eric Conlon, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in New England. "3G Mobile Broadband helps our customers stay on top of the latest information and stay connected."

Along with the increased speed, U.S. Cellular customers will have access to new data content and applications such as mobile e-mail, an advanced mobile Web browser, 3D games and MobiTV, with channels that include ABC News, ESPN and TLC.

This 3G upgrade helps customers stay on top of hectic schedules and in the loop on what's happening in their area while getting the latest news, weather and sports. Customers can go to one convenient place – their cell phones – to access information quickly, rather than scouring the phonebook or looking for yesterday's newspaper. U.S. Cellular has been serving New Hampshire since 1983, with more than 135 cell sites in service statewide. The company will further its commitment to rural New Hampshire by providing broadband largely over its existing wireless network. This shovel-ready project can bring the promise of the Internet to rural, underserved and vulnerable populations faster and cheaper than any other technology - while also providing jobs, spurring economic growth and enhancing public safety.

By the end of summer 2009 U.S. Cellular will have 3G coverage enabled on 60 percent of its cell sites, which will reach approximately 75 percent of its post-pay customers.

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