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Wireless Network Expansion Helps Economic Development, Public Safety

LELAND, N.C., September 9, 2009 – U.S. Cellular recently completed construction of an additional cell site near Leland to improve call quality for its customers in Brunswick County. The site will increase U.S. Cellular's coverage and network capacity along Highway 17 near the town of Lanvale. In addition, the site will improve in building coverage for new retail and residential areas between the towns of Lanvale and Leland. The new site complements U.S. Cellular's statewide network of more than 475 towers.

"Your cell phone is your lifeline to the people who are most important to you," said Marcel Bekers, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in eastern North Carolina. "We're here to keep you connected."

On August 3, U.S. Cellular launched its 3G Mobile Broadband network in North Carolina, which allows customers to access data on their cell phones 10 times faster than before and at no additional cost. With 3G speeds, browsing the Web on smartphones is very similar to the experience on a desktop computer. Web pages open faster and customers can send and receive large e-mail attachments. Downloads take less time and picture and video messages are delivered more quickly.

U.S. Cellular has a team of network engineers who drive all over the coverage area to test signal strength and call quality. The company also listens to customer feedback to determine the best locations for new cell sites.

U.S. Cellular has led the effort to preserve federal support for rural wireless development through Connecting Rural America (, a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens, community leaders and elected officials working for equality in wireless telecommunications. Its goal is to provide rural communities with the same access to technology as their urban counterparts.

The 9,000 associates of U.S. Cellular believe a wireless phone enhances people's lives and a wireless company should be in the business of bringing people together. U.S. Cellular has a wide range of monthly plans, including those with unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited free incoming calls, videos, text and picture messages, and options to prepay. With U.S. Cellular's high-speed 3G Mobile Broadband network customers can watch videos, access e-mail and browse the Web 10 times faster. Based in Chicago, U.S. Cellular is the nation's fifth-largest full-service wireless carrier, serving 6.2 million customers across the country. To learn more about the company visit one of its retail stores or