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4G LTE™ in the Middle of Anywhere.

We know that life moves quickly. That's why U.S. Cellular® is expanding
its 4G LTE™ network coverage, devices and data services to help you keep up.

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Accelerate your wireless experience.

4G LTE™ from U.S. Cellular is a faster version of the national coverage you've come to love. Surf the web, send and receive pictures, download music and watch videos at lightning-fast speeds.


Get what you want when you want it. Download apps instantaneously and browse the web in near real time.


How fast can you post your pictures? As fast as you can take them.
Leave your friends in your selfie-snapping dust.


Need motivation at the gym? Let the fluidity of your music streaming inspire your seamless yoga moves.


Taking a trip? Download a movie for the flight in mere minutes — with plenty of time to spare before takeoff.

Check your 4G LTE™ eligibility.

The 4G LTE™ network is now available for nearly all our customers. Enter your information below to find out more about the coverage near you.

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Ready to upgrade your wireless phone, tablet or hotspot experience with 4G LTE™? It's easy — just choose a plan and device that's right for you.


What does 4G LTE™ mean?

4G LTE™ is actually two different terms that are often combined into one. 4G is the fourth and latest generation technology for data access over cellular networks. LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution, is a protocol for wireless high speed data communications. Combined together, 4G LTE means you'll enjoy the most advanced data speed available within the network.

What will my 4G LTE™ experience be when I'm traveling within the U.S.?

If/when you leave a U.S. Cellular 4G LTE™ coverage area, voice services will continue as usual without interruption. Data services will continue to work, but will change to 3G service. Depending on how you are using data at that time, you may experience a delay when moving to 3G, or you may not even notice. If you move into another U.S. Cellular 4G LTE coverage area, you will convert back to 4G LTE data service.

Does 4G LTE™ data cost more than 3G data?

No. U.S. Cellular customers can select from the same data plan options with a 3G or 4G LTE™ device.

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