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Get full access to the Internet and your corporate Intranet with a U.S. Cellular® Wireless Modem. You'll be able to use our reliable wireless network on your laptop when you're away from your wired or Wi-Fi connection - plus you'll always get our exceptional customer service. And with our high-speed network, you can access all the information and entertainment that's important to you.

Huawei UML397 4G LTE

Huawei UML397 4G LTE
  • 4G LTE Data Capability
  • Easy Plug and Play installation and configuration
  • U.S. Cellular® Broadband Connect Dialer Software
  • Data plan monitor to help prevent costly overages
  • Swivel USB Design
  • Virtual Privet Network (VPN) wizard to help configure Microsoft, Nortel, SonicWall, Cisco, and other VPN clients