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Get live, on-demand and downloadable television delivered to your phone on the network with the highest satisfaction of any national carrier. With Mobile TV from U.S. Cellular®, you get access to sports, news, kid's shows, reality TV and music video entertainment. There is something for the whole family. Watch live sports from channels like NBC Sports, breaking news from networks like ABC and FOX News and kid's entertainment from Disney, Nickelodeon and more. To view the Channel Guide, click here.





All U.S. Cellular® Mobile TV users are able to try the Mobile TV FREE for your first 7-days! After these 7-days have completed, you will be billed a paid monthly subscription fee on your U.S. Cellular® bill.



U.S. Cellular® Mobile TV brings you dozens of LIVE and made-for-mobile channels and hundreds of On-Demand shows available to stream over the network or download to your phone.


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