Shrek Forever After The Mobile Game

Discover the official mobile game of your favorite ogre?s last (but not least) adventures on the big screen: Shrek Forever After! Our green friend has been tricked by Rumpelstilskin into a twisted version of Far Far Away! It?s time to wake up the ogre which is in you! Join the ogre resistance through 11 levels of epic platforming, fighting, racing and even flying, while you play as Shrek, but also as Donkey and Fiona! A bold storyline faithful to the movie, packed with ogre-sized humor. This ain?t no fairytale.

Publisher: Gameloft

App Pricing

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  • $6.99 / Unlimited
  • $2.99 / monthly Subscription
  • $6.99 / Unlimited
Data charges do not apply after initial download.

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