Pass GO and head directly for fun! The best-selling board game in the world makes its debut on your cellphone. The object of the MONOPOLY game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, renting and selling property. Players have a choice of tokens including the traditional car, dog, and top hat, which they must move around the board buying the property they land on, trading property with other players and paying rent on property owned by other players. Landing on community chest or chance cards can bring either a windfall or a debt to be paid or collected immediately, passing GO allows the player a salary, and if a player lands on the GO TO JAIL square, they must do just that. Players can trade property for other property or money or debts but they must out-buy, rent and sell their opponent or they could face bankruptcy and even jail. There are 3 types of exciting game play; a quick start mini game for a quick fix of fun, time-based game for added pressure or a full length, classic game.

Publisher: Glu

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