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POWER Up with Tetris. POP. Push your skills to the limit in frantic timed challenges. Can you beat the clock in three high-energy modes and several action-packed Tetris mini-variations? Survive wave after wave of Tetriminos in Flood or drown in the Matrix. Trigger bombs in Detonator to go KABOOM. Hang on tight in Ledge or plummet into a bottomless pit. Dazzle your eyes and ears with brilliant colors, animated backgrounds and pulse-pounding beats. Tetris POP is packed with surprises and secrets.
$6.99 / unlimited
$2.99 / monthly subscription
$6.99 / unlimited
Data Charges Do Not Apply
Data charges do not apply after initial download.
Publisher: EA Mobile
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Tetris ?1985-2008 Tetris Holding, LLC. Licensed to The Tetris Company. Game Design by Alexey Pajitnov.Logo Design by Roger Dean.All Rights Reserved. Sub-licensed to Electronic Arts Inc. Tetris. PopGame Technology ?2008 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved.