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BurgerTime Delight by Namco

It's a flame-broiled fiasco! Namco proudly serves up BurgerTime Delight! Play as Chef Peter Pepper and help him celebrate the 25th Anniversary of BurgerTime by building behemoth burgers in this enhanced arcade classic! But beware as Mr. Hotdog, Mr. Egg and Mr. Pickle are hot on your trail in this ultimate food fight! Squash your foes with falling ingredients, stun them with pepper or burn them with hot sauce! Earn points and pepper by collecting tasty food items like ice cream and french fries.
$2.99 / Unlimited
$0.99 / monthly subscription
$2.99 / unlimited
Data Charges Do Not Apply
Data charges do not apply after initial download.
Publisher: Namco Networks America Inc.
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BurgerTime ?1982-2008 G-mode. Originally created by and assigned from Data East. BurgerTime Delight ?2008 G-mode. ?2008 Namco Networks America Inc.